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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 170

By October 21, 2022Commentary

If you wonder about excess deaths, here is another example demonstrating that it is due to missed care.  Cancer patients need to be diagnosed early to have good outcomes.  Apparently tens of thousands of people in the UK have missed cancer diagnoses.  The same is likely true in the US.  (DS Story)

Another bad and obvious effect of the CV-19 response, if you make high schoolers “learn” remotely, and remove them from contact and socialization, their mental health deteriorates sharply.  (SSRN Study)

Another study on the origins of CV-19.  Not sure what difference it really makes; China is never going to take responsibility and it certainly isn’t going to stop doing research on modifying respiratory viruses to become weapons.  Neither is Russia, North Korea or Iran.  I hope we are doing our own and figuring out how to stop whatever someone else comes up with.  In any event, this paper is pretty compelling in presenting evidence that CV-19 did have a lab origin.  CV-19 has features around how segments could be moved that are more consistent with synthetic viruses and are not found in other coronaviruses.  (Medrxiv Paper)

The one clear example of a vax side effect is heart inflammation, particularly in younger males.  But it is rare and usually very mild.  This study from Israel finds that among adolescents, heart inflammation following vax was rare and that all cases were mild.  (NEJM Article)

And here is a general research article on myocarditis, or heart inflammation, which will give you good background.  As the article notes, CV-19 is at least as frequently associated with myocarditis as the vax are.  (NEJM Article)

Large population-based study of adolescents in Sweden finds no evidence that vax results in serious adverse events with an increased hospitalization risk.  The study also notes that serious disease in adolescents is extremely rare and additional vax may not be justified for this age group.  (Medrxiv Paper)

But here is a little hope for the vax are unsafe diehards, a study from Japan, very large, finds some increased risk of death involving myocarditis associated with vax.  But out of 100,000,000 people in the study, only 38 myocarditis associated deaths.  And no identification of who had been infected previously, which is a major confounder.  And the pre-epidemic comparison population had myocarditis defined by different standards.  Other than that, a great study.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And another supposed CV-19 treatment bites the dust as a randomized trial finds no evidence that fluoxamine reduces time to recovery.  Fluoxamine was most commonly used as an antidepressant.  But no harm, I guess, in drug companies trying to boost sales by claiming that anything works against CV-19.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • goodgrief-952 says:

    Study 1 less death by unnecessary harmful chemo and more letting the body heal itself of early cancers. Sounds good to me.

    Study 2 association is not causation

    Study 3 nope wasn’t from a bat. And yes there are bio labs in US and US bio labs in Ukraine. Who knows where else.

    Study 4 myocarditis is not normal in 12-29 year olds so the fact that it does occur at all after vaccines does not make it rare, it should be a warning signal. Myocarditis does not go away, it does not heal. These young men will live with this serious condition for the rest of their lives. This “study” evaluates diagnosis codes from one health system. It does not evaluate all males of this age who are vaccinated, how many are walking around with unknown myocarditis? Also this “study” performed no analysis of all the young men who have died suddenly and unexpectedly. Hardly a useful study.

    Study 5 Seems like using the same data as study 4. Not very useful.

    Study 6 doesn’t give much in the way of details. And the opening paragraph is very telling, “Real-world evidence on the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccination against severe disease caused by the omicron variant among adolescents is sparse. In addition, evidence on risk factors for severe COVID-19 disease, and whether vaccination is similarly effective in such risk groups, is unclear.” And it seems it remains sparse and unclear after this study.

    Study 7 interesting info: “The risk of myocarditis mortality in the SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated population may be 4 times or higher than the apparent MMRRs considering healthy vaccinee effect. Unreported post-vaccination deaths should also be considered as suggested by the extremely high myocarditis mortality odds ratio. ”

    Study 8 why they even bothered is beyond me.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      It must be so nice to go through life just accepting or rejecting everything based on your beliefs and ignoring any facts

  • Debbie M says:

    Dr. Vinay Prasad has never been in my top 10 list for credible experts as he encouraged mass vaccination in the beginning of the vaccine rollout and adopted masks for prevention. But he is slowly changing his tune. Pretty smart guy with a Liberal slant who seems to be coming over to the dark side of Libertarian thinking. Here he dissects the latest Swiss study findings on subclinical myocarditis from the MRNA vaccines. Similar findings from the Thailand study. Worth considering IMO.

    • Patrick says:

      Kevin, just stop.
      Cancer screenings have shown NO effect on all cause mortality.
      No matter how much you claim they have.
      I wish they did, but they do not.
      It seems counter intuitive, but its what the data tells us.

      So, no, excess death is not currently being driven by missed cancer screenings.
      In 2020 lack of cancer treatments definitely brought the mostly inevitable cancer deaths sooner (pull forward effect.

      Dr Rita Reedberg is one of the foremost experts in this area, so, don’t take it from me, take it from her.

      Also, they excess deaths are not from Covid.

      Also, on your Twitter, you opined about how low fertility is not happening from the Covid mRNA vaccines and offer a lack of reported increase in fertility clinics as evidence.
      Wow, just wow.

      While they may or may not be effecting fertility, your position is laughable.

      You have presented many opinions supported by good facts, well designed and well powered studies during the left’s authoritarian takeover during the pandemic.
      However, lately, that has not been the case

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I love how people put forward “experts” who are anything but. When someone has spent as much time in health care as I have, and read as much research, and spent as much time with the data, I might pay attention to what they say.

    • Patrick says:

      Feel free to uncensored my comment anytime.
      Clearly you have a lot more authoritarianism lefty in you than let on

    • Kevin Roche says:

      feel free to start your own website at your own expense, like I do, and put whatever you want on it. Comments aren’t censored but they all sit for a period of time until they are reviewed. I do have a life, especially on the weekends and I don’t sit on the website for multiple hours a day.

  • goodgrief-952 says:


  • goodgrief-952 says:

    You often speak of the confounding effect of having had COVID. This quality peer reviewed study compares myocarditis in COVID positive patients with the unvaccinated, negative PCR test control group.
    No difference in the incidence of myocarditis. It did find a higher incidence in general in young men regardless in which arm of the study they were.

    Now we need a study comparing the vaccinated with the vaccinated/had COVID with an unvaccinated never had COVID control group.,

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