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The Great De-Wokening

By October 20, 2022Commentary

We have turned into goofball nation, if you pay any attention to mainstream and social media.  Absolutely frivolous goofballs everywhere, in our universities, teaching our children, running our cities.  People have seen the results and had enough.

But meanwhile, people are bailing from wokery.  Thousands of physicians and other clinicians have left health care.  The military can’t recruit.  Universities can’t get students to come.  Teachers are leaving in droves.  And on and on.

Why–I am sure the reason is one the media won’t talk about.  People are fed up with woke indocrination.  With racist garbage.  With absolutely lunatic gender bullshit.  No one wants to be subjected to that bilge day after day.

If the Republicans and conservatives, who will come to power in a few weeks, don’t put an absolute end to this nonsense, we deserve to continuing living in this dystopian hell.  It all has to be defunded, everywhere and our institutions have to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Do your part–vote against this insanity at every level.  Insist that those in power put an end to this filth.  Stand up now, or live in misery.

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  • George O'Har says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. These wokesters are lost and will never be reclaimed, which is part of the problem. Since the concept of woke is sourced in feminism, third wave, fourth wave, who knows, too many wokesters hate both men and America and would be happy as clams if the whole enterprise fell in on them. They are spoiled brats and think like children. So I am not optimistic. Parents may object to the nonsense, but they still break their necks trying to get their kids into a good college that will, in effect, fry their brains, if it doesn’t out and out turn them into a transgender mutant. Another layer to the problem is: Republicans are completely useless. Even if they win the midterms, nothing will change. They did nothing when they had the chance. And too many of them are running scared. America, after 40 years of college-inspired self-loathing, is spiritually bankrupt.

  • Alex says:

    If America is goofball (and it is), what does that make Canada? This country is preposterous. Everyone has lost their minds.

  • Dan says:

    No candidate talking like you do in these type of posts could ever get elected and nothing will change until that happens. Republicans certainly won’t fight the nutcases responsible for all this progressive bs.

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