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The Impending Woke Medicine Disaster

By October 10, 2022Commentary

Tim Walz and the progressive Democrats of Minesota are racists, plain and simple.  They see everything in racial terms, the engage in most barbaric stereotyping and they promote discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age and anything else they can come up that helps groups whose votes they want.  They have made our state the leader in divisiveness.  And they are endangering the health of the state by injecting their woke poison into medicine and health care.  Here is the latest example, as reported by Scott Johnson at the Powerline Blog.  (PL Post)  The story has also been picked up widely on Twitter and other media but I guarantee you won’t read about it in the Star Tribune or hear it on our TV stations.

University of Minnesota medical school students were forced, and I mean forced, to take an oath to fight against colonialism, white supremacy and binary gender, which apparently is critical to getting patients the best health care.  This is a constitutional violation which forces political speech.  There is only one political party which spews this vomitus and the students are being forced to support that party and adopt its political positions.  It is part and parcel of the creation of a hostile and discriminatory educational environment, which is also unconstitutional.

Aside from the abhorrent nature of the oath and the complete misuse of tax dollars at the U of M, which is a worthless place to get an education at this point, what should most concern the citizenry is that instead of the role of a physician or other clinicians being someone who understands your individual situation and health concerns and creates a plan to treat you as an individual, you as a patient will become just a collection of abstract characteristics, your skin color, your ethnicity, your religion, your gender, your sexual orientation, and most importantly, your politics, will determine your care.  We have seen a frighteningly large number of clinicians recently say they don’t want to treat Republicans or conservatives, or worse yet, they would intentionally mis-treat them.

And we need to be absolutely clear–there is zero science, not one speck of medical science, behind this fixation on woke garbage, especially in regard to the gender nonsense being pimped by medicine to earn billions of dollars.  This is just another way in which America is being forced to divide into a crazy country and a sane one. We will now have to medical schools that are dedicated to actually identifying patients’ health issues and treating them, while others apparently go off on a social justice tangent that worsens everyone’s health.  And we will have to have clinicians identify themselves as woke or non-woke, so those of us who want good health care can find a physician who will treat us as a person.

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  • MLR says:

    It’s not just Minnesota, it’s all over every medical school in the country!

  • Dr. Jon says:

    Not to worry. teh Oath takers are former PreMeds, They will say anything to get into Med School. ONce they get the MD they will do as they please and most will opt for best lifestyle. They also take Hippocratic oath which forbids abortions. Total waste of time administer phony pledge and to complain.

  • Jack Reacher says:

    As usual, these tripe includes what we might call the medical school Hypocritical Oath: They’ll pay tribute to those whose land was supposedly appropriated by the colonialists, but they have nothing to say when you ask them why they don’t give it back.

  • AWS says:

    Nice article. And frightening.
    (BTW, problem with the last sentence… a missing word, “as”?)

  • anthonyD says:

    When my daughter’s boyfriend graduated from a top 20 med school in Boston in June – the same school that I attended and from which my daughter will graduate this year – I was surprised that the program did not list any seniors as members of “AOA,” the national medical honor society. My daughter informed me that the students had voted to eliminate it because it was “racist.” As a student in the ’80s, I worked my tail off in order to get that honor (I wasn’t the smartest in my class of 140 by a long shot).
    Since when is pursuing excellence racist? Doesn’t banning the honor society a sign of racism itself, by implying that some group or group(s) have a more difficult time achieving it? This is a common theme among the woke: They posture as “anti-racist,” at the same time they don’t recognize their own hypocrisy.
    To be a leftist is to be a hypocrite, as Rush used to say.

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