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Incompetence or Duplicity

By October 7, 2022Commentary

Regular readers will recall that Dave Dixon and I have pointed out since breakthrough reporting began that there are likely substantial errors in how DOH determines who is vaxed and who is unvaxed for purposes of identifying breakthrough cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  Dave has written to DOH several times on the topic and their response, to the extent they responded at all, was that they had confidence in their process.  Apparently that confidence was misplaced, because yesterday, with basically a one-sentence note, the state redid its numbers for unvaxed, vaxed and vaxed and boosted events.  The changes almost all involve moving events from the unvaxed category to the vaxed one.  So DOH has been understating events, and event rates, in the vaxed and vaxed and boosted categories.  Which makes the vaccines look more effective than they are in reality.  Which is consistent with the state’s constant messaging on forcing people to get vaxed.

So you tell me if you think these errors, which have probably not yet been completely corrected, are just another example of DOH’s incompetence during the epidemic, or is intentional manipulation of data, or intentional ignoring of known problems, in a way that supports the state’s messaging?

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