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Once More on the Complexity of Excess Death Calculations

By October 4, 2022Commentary

Anti-vax safety alarmists have no actual research to support their wild claims, so they just make stuff up and rely on innuendo.  The biggie right now is that there are all kinds of excess deaths and it must be the vax, which actually is pretty hilarious to me because since the vax aren’t great at preventing infection, almost every vaxed person has also been infected, and since there is research connecting a CV-19 infection with longer-term health problems, what the alarmists are actually promoting is the notion that CV-19 infections are leading to excess deaths in subsequent months.

But the real problem, as I keep pointing out, is that these excess death calculations aren’t easy.  It isn’t as simple as it seems to identify the pre-existing trend in deaths and whether there was a change.  And I also keep pointing out that more important than whether there are excess deaths, is in what category and in what age groups?  Here is yet another analysis by very trustworthy and rational analysts pointing out the difficulties in excess death calculations.  (CEBM Article)

So do yourself a favor and don’t fall for sensational but completely unsupported bullshit about vax safety.

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