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More Fakery, this Time in Government Job Statistics

By October 4, 2022Commentary

The economy is struggling, despite the wasteful injection of trillions of dollars.  We have been told that the job market is incredibly tight, with far more job openings that people seeking jobs.  I think there has been some truth to that, partly because employers all are so convinced there is a labor shortage that they are posting far more jobs than they actually intend to fill.  And on the supply side, the Dems increasingly just pay people for sitting at home and playing video games or whatever.  Why work?  But I strongly suspected the job opening numbers were bogus, and now we see a report that yep they were.  Suddenly this week, the Labor Department both reports a massive drop in job openings last month, but also a big revision down in the prior month.  I think the actual employment numbers are similarly cooked, and it will be interesting to see Friday’s job report.  At some point the Labor Department has to be worried about getting caught, so reality will intrude.  (ZH Article)

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