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Scientific Fraud is Widespread, but Please, Trust the Science

By October 3, 2022Commentary

You see these bumper stickers and yard signs from whacked progressives which include a plethora of empty-headed bromides like “the science is real” or “trust the science”.  These dolts literally have no clue what the scientific process is and they really only want science that produces results that agree with what they believe, belief being the important qualifier here.  These group is the true know-nothings of our age.  But because academia in particular is nothing but a nest of ideological vipers, and that is where a lot of “scientific” research is conducted, the whackos can arrange to have made-up science magically appear to support their policies.

But there are still people who care about integrity and truth, and what they find is truly shocking.  Here are the results of an investigation which has already led to the retraction of over 500 “scientific” papers.  What the investigators found was a network of authors, peer reviewers and editors who were complicit in getting fake science results published.  I can guarantee you this is only the tip of the iceberg.  You can’t trust anything that comes out of academia.  It is all politics and ideology now.   (RW Article)

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