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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 165

By October 3, 2022Commentary

This paper is for anyone who thinks calculating “excess” deaths is easy.  The baseline of “normal” deaths is obviously important, but the authors demonstrate that changing the time period used to calculate the baseline often changes the outcome of whether and to what extent there were excess deaths in a recent year.  Most countries had experienced reduced deaths in the decade leading up to the epidemic, making determination of the trend more difficult.  Most important now is to identify changes in causes of death by age group, and to also consider place of death, which may reveal the extent to which changes in receipt of health care are causing deaths.  (Medrxiv Paper)

I know the vax safety cult loves their anecdotes and made-up data, but it has trouble finding actual studies to support alarmism.  And the reason for that is that the research consistently finds no meaningful level of adverse events.  Here is a national study from Denmark, based on surveys, so treat that as a limitation if you wish, but finding “no excess risk of long-term self-reported psychiatric, cognitive, fatigue, or physical symptoms among vaccinated compared to unvaccinated persons”.   Don’t know how it could be much clearer.  If you wonder why I tire of the vax safety bullshit it is because I keep finding studies showing no reason for concern and the alarmists have only anecdote and innuendo.  (SSRN Study)

This paper suggests that both a booster dose of vax and an infection after two doses substantially increase the immune response to CV-19.  Since most people are vaxed and infected at this point, pushing more boosters seems pointless.  (Vax Paper)

A meta-analysis of 55 studies on vax effectiveness confirms what we already know, vax effectiveness against infection declines rapidly by 6 months following last dose and also declines against hospitalization and death, although more slowly.  (SSRN Paper)

A large study done in the Kaiser system suggests very minimal vaccine effectiveness against infection from current Omicron variants even after 4 doses, and dropping effectiveness against hospitalization.  (Medrxiv Paper)

And the same result was reported among nursing home residents in Canada who received a fourth dose–effectiveness even against serious outcomes was negligible within a few months.  There is no justification for pushing, much less mandating further doses of vax unless and until someone has one that has been shown in long term trials to have constant efficacy against infection and serious outcomes.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study verifies that the rate of serious CV-19 infection in infants is close to zero.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Mammography screening is important for the early detection of breast cancer, which results in better outcomes.  A large study from Denmark finds that early in the epidemic screening rates fell, but that rates returned to normal within a year or so.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • goodgrief-952 says:

    For how long will you speak out of both sides of your mouth?
    “You can’t trust anything that comes out of academia. It is all politics and ideology now.” —Kevin Roche, October 3, 2022

    • Kevin Roche says:

      As usual you only see what you want to see, not all research is done in academia, and the research I quote on excess deaths isn’t, nor is the research on vax safety. And still waiting for that single piece of actual research connecting vax and deaths. You won’t find it because it isn’t there

  • Alex says:

    I care more if the ‘vaccines’ (not sure if I accept the new definition) are more effective than safe.

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