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Joe Biden Competes with Tim Walz for Biggest Liar Championship

By September 27, 2022Commentary

This will be a tough battle.  One thing on the Incompetent Blowhard’s side is that the Presidementia may not know what he is saying.  On the other hand, lying and plagiarism have always been a core part of Biden’s character, or lack thereof.  What prompts the current battle is although Walz struck quick and strong with his lies about the meals for the poor fraud and his epidemic lies; Biden has the power of the federal government behind him to support his prevarications.  He was caught recently lying about gasoline prices, which are actually beginning to rise again.  But his biggest whopper is about the student loan forgiveness.  Turns out it will cost at least $400 billion, not the far smaller number he was quoting.

The Congressional Budget Office has managed to remain fairly non-partisan.  Because of that, the Dems ignore it and try to pass legislation before the cost analysis is done, since it constantly shows what the Dems pass will have bad economic and financial effects, as we now see in our new stagflation era.  The CBO looked at the student loan forgiveness plan illegally put forward by Biden as an executive action.  CBO found that not only was the cost much higher than the Administration claimed, but there were likely to be other negative effects on the nation’s financial status. (CBO Analysis)

So I think the president may be creeping into the lead, despite his senility, but I have high confidence that our very own little Timmy Walz can claw his way to victory.  He is simply an outstanding liar, burying falsehood after falsehood in his patented blizzard of words, so the listener is simply bewildered and has no clue what is fact and what is fiction.

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