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Why Our Schools Are Dreadful

By September 26, 2022Commentary

It isn’t just that they now focus on indoctrination to create future progressive voters who will make teachers rich, it is that the teachers and staff are too incompetent to actually teach anything substantive, which is reflected in test scores, which of course the teachers’ unions are trying to get rid off.  Taxpayer dollars are being wasted on administrative staff, including DEI staff, who do nothing productive.  Look at this chart and tell me where the money is going.  It isn’t to actually educating our children.  Every one of these excess staff people should be fired right now, today, and the savings used to hire real teachers.

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  • joe Kosanda says:

    A few years back , our school district in Richardson Tx was going through a massive building expansion of the 4 high schools, at a time with stagnant growth in student enrollment.

    I ran into the school board president at a social event, (our daughters played volleyball for the same 8/9th grade team).
    I asked her why so much taxpayer money was being spent –
    Her response:

    Its not taxpayer money, its bond money!

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