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How to Assess Vaccine Safety Properly

By September 16, 2022Commentary

I have repeatedly and correctly noted the worthlessness of self-reported vaccine safety databases like VAERs, which especially during this extremely high profile epidemic and vax rolloff have attracted all kinds of fake reports and which routinely find that 99.9% plus of reports have nothing to do with the vaccine.  And I have noted that there are far better approaches were have been in place for decades, the primary one of which I had some personal involvement in.  The FDA has for a long time had contracts with large health plans and other organizations to use their data bases of health claims and other data, which cover hundreds of millions of Americans, to do drug and vaccine safety assessment.   This is the BEST Initiative and general info on it can be found here, by looking at the general tap and I linked to the specific page on BEST’s work on vaccine surveillance.  (BEST Page)

As you might expect BEST is engaged in CV-19 vaccine surveillance, although I think they are a little slow to get going.  But part of that is because they have been engaged in an extensive effort to set appropriate and accurate background rates and trends for the possible adverse events.  I reported on that work recently.  And here is a paper which describes their work in preparation for assessing CV-19 vax safety.   It lays out in detail the protocol  and if you read it, you will understand the complexity of evaluating safety and you will understand why whatever anectdotal garbage spewed on the internet is just that, garbage, with zero actual studies showing any number of deaths.  (BEST CV-19 Vax Protocol)

I would anticipate that we will begin seeing reports from the BEST group shortly and then we will know with far greater confidence what adverse events may be associated with the vax, and what the outcomes of those events were.


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  • Corey says:

    BEST is being overseen by the same FDA that just approved boosters that were tested on 8 mice. I’m not sure that we’re going to get trustworthy results.

    Furthermore, you assume that healthcare providers are accurately reporting side effects. Is that believable? I’m not so sure, considering they are highly incentivized (monetized) to push vaccines and not report side effects. If the data reporting isn’t accurate, the results will be skewed (GIGO).

    • Kevin Roche says:

      reply to Corey, yeah I get it, when you are determined to believe something no point in looking at facts or good analysis, it will only shake your belief. BEST is run by private companies, who write the protocols, collect the data and do the analysis. I am sure they are all in on the conspiracy. The data, as I have explained a million times, is good because it isn’t data about vax side effects, it is data about the health care people receive, all the health care, and it allows you to see if there is some association between receipt of health care for certain events and receipt of a vax. So it isn’t subject to vax safety nuts sending in made up reports like they do to VAERS. Sorry if I am undermining a belief, but I would encourage you on this one to trust me that I know what I am talking about.

  • Frank says:

    Video — “Do We Need These Omicron-Specific Boosters? (w/Dr. Paul Offit)”, 16 Sep. 2022, 1:04:27,

    Delete if this comment is inappropriate.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      very appropriate and I agree with Dr. Offit, but his point is primarily about efficacy and the potential impact on immune response, not safety

  • Al Benoit says:

    My understanding of the VAERS is that generally it is done by Healthcare professionals, occasionally the people affected themselves, but that isn’t so easy to do and where is the incentive for fraud, esp when there is a significant deterrent against doing that? (Against the law).

  • Darin Kragenbring says:

    I have been resisting the more hysterical claims of vaccine injuries and mortality. To me that’s the equal and opposite reaction of the people who claim Covid is the Black Death.

    My question is: if the vaccines are so dangerous, why does Sweden seem to be avoiding elevated all-cause mortality? You have been consistent in stating the harms of the terror campaign—that still seems to me to be the best explanation for the health problems we are seeing now.

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