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Defeat Little Timmy Walz

By September 15, 2022Commentary

Our Governor won’t debate his opponent and can’t do campaign appearances anywhere outside the core Twin Cities, because he is so hated in the outstate.  He won’t debate because the one time he did, he was clearly revealed to be an angry, lying, patronizing asshole, which he is.  If you want to meet his opponent, who isn’t perfect but would be a whole lot better than having Walz continue his campaign to turn Minnesota into a progressive hellhole like San Francisco or Portland, a meet and great will be held at the Great Mandarin Restaurant in the Eden Prairie Shopping Center on September 30 at 6 pm.  Please come and get to know Scott Jensen and learn why you must vote for him and against the totalitarian reign of Little Timmy.

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  • David says:

    The weaponization of gov’t agencies is on full display, both federally and locally:
    “’For the last two years, I have been forced to live under the constant cloud of investigation. This fifth investigation is similar to the first four. Allegations that appear to come from people who have never met me, never received a healthcare service from me. But nevertheless, they have anonymity, I don’t get to know who they are and they are putting me on the hot seat,’ Jensen said.”
    Mike Lindell was a recent victim – MN. f.b.i. surrounded his car at a fast food place on the way home from a hunting trip, to confiscate his phone.

  • Sue Beer says:

    I haven’t been following this, but did he ever get his phone back? I understand he uses it for his business and help for his hearing aids.

  • D says:

    Thx for doing this and I especially like the reminder that no one is perfect. But the last two years are certainly a warning sign! The e-car push is also a concern. I hope many are paying attention and listening!

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