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A Sensible Report on Energy Production

By September 15, 2022Commentary

I strongly encourage you to read this report on energy production from the Center for the American Experiment.  It focuses on Minnesota and our idiot Governor’s plan to eliminate fossil and nuclear power.  The cost to the consumer will be over $300 billion and would create constant blackouts due to the lack of reliable power generation.  An identical analysis applies nationally and if you look overseas you see the consequences of the same policies in Germany and other European countries.  We are being egged on in these policies by Russia and China, who would love to see our economy collapse.  Read and spread widely and contribute to the outstanding organization that publishes these reports.  (CAE Report)

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  • rob says:

    I read the Executive Summary on page 2 and it’s pretty scary. Is it legit? I have no idea. Maybe I’m a bad citizen but I’m simply not willing to read a 70 page technical document, especially when I’m probably incapable of analyzing the data and I know nothing about the authors. But my point is not about my laziness, it’s about my estimate that maybe 1 out of 1000 voters would be willing to read that report so what good does it do? Hopefully there are lots of people in powerful positions willing to read it who can properly analyze it and know what to do. My belief, as usual, is that even though most politicians are misguided etc etc, they are not actually trying to ruin the country, so if Waltz’s plan is really proven to be terrible I would think it will fail. Energy bills increasing by avg $3800/yr sounds bad but really it’s about triple the current price and over 28 years isn’t that different from inflation. Last I heard, Waltz is leading by a gigantic margin and what’s his name seems a bit nutty in his TV ads but I’ll absolutely vote for him even though I doubt there’s a chance in hell he’ll be elected.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      there is a large range of uncertainty in any kind of projections like this. Electricity costs in Mn. have gone up 15% this year as is. I think it would be even worse than this report portrays. We don’t have enough land or raw materials for wind or solar, and the equipment is having far lower useful lives than estimated, generating all kinds of hazardous waste. It is stupid

  • dell says:

    The only people I know who examine Minnesota’s energy proposals is the Center of the American Experiment.

    They are usually good on the numbers but cannot deal with overpopulation nor mass immigration -as if that has no relationship to energy or pollution, etc.

    See. “Part 2: The Walz Proposal requires a massive buildout of wind turbines, solar panels, and battery storage capacity”, September 15, 2022, ( ) for an analysis of the current proposal.

    See, “Part 1: How the Walz Proposal would radically alter our electric grid”, September 14, 2022, ( ).

    These and other energy analysis are at ( ).

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