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Thank You and an Explanation

By September 10, 2022Commentary

I haven’t said this for a while, but once more I want to express my deep appreciation for all the readers, all the commenters, even the ones I disagree with, all the people who contribute to the value of the site.  I am truly grateful.  I learned from one of the frequent commenters that my replies to comments don’t show up as a direct response to the comment, so people can’t tell who I am replying to.  I have the asked the web firm if they can fix that, but in the meantime I will start identifying the comment I am replying to.

The excess death issues, and the attempt by some to claim it is the vax, has really attracted attention, here and on twitter.  I am personally a little fed up with it and that is probably reflected in the tone of some of my replies. Readers know that my committment is and has been to take the data, examine the data, analyze it and report what it says.  Dave Dixon has been invaluable in doing most of the work in this effort.  I believe in data, real data, in understanding data quality, in understanding statistical and experimental design and in the concept that science is actually never settled.  Ask Newton, for a long time people thought he had taught us all we needed to know about gravity.  Then along came Einstein.  So I am always very focused on presenting the best data and research that I can, knowing it can change.

I admit being extremely frustrated by people who are so prone to anecdote, to information spread by trolls and mischief-doers, who are completely unwilling to use logic and common sense to understand issues.  It is unlikely I will stop reacting strongly when I see this.  And I have no time for absurd conspiracy theories, large organizations–governmental or private–aren’t that competent.  So on the vax safety issue, I know what the data says and I know what the research says and I know what we would be seeing in EHR and claims data if there was a safety issue.  Where there are any legitimate concerns, like heart inflammation in young males, I report it and I will report any evidence of serious safety concerns.  So don’t waste my time or yours by giving me anecdotes which most of the time aren’t true, or regurgitating something you got from a completely untrustworthy source.  If you hate the vax, be happy that they have limited effectiveness against infection and only modest protection against serious illness, but don’t fall for the vax safety bullshit.  I certainly won’t.

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  • Frank says:

    What is your opinion of the probable safety and efficacy of the Moderna and Pfizer bivalent booster shots? Should we wait for human trial data?

    I’m a senior who has had no issues with Moderna vaccination or booster, but reading Offit and other critics of the CDC approval gives me pause.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      reply to Frank, as I have said before, I think further vax boosters are pointless, but people should talk to their doctors.

  • Danimal28 says:

    I very much appreciate your work, sir. I am just a dumb mechanical engineer so in Feb 2020 when I saw the Diamond Princess Cruise Ship data… It told a story:

    3,700 people on board locked in a closed system
    800 people tested positive(although to what I am not fully sure)
    15 people died

    = 0.4% fatality. Like the common flu.

    We shut down society after this. I fully agree with your data showing the increases in death related to delayed treatments, etc., but these ‘vaccines’ were not even remotely tested or held to standards applied as before. I do not trust our institutions for the following reasons: the CDC has manipulated everything including the definition of a vaccine, my own doctors have been ordered to deny proven off-treatment uses of IV and HQC, and our government mandating taking a treatment against the Geneva Convention(Nuremberg Code therin).

    My own local mortician who is a friend has grudgingly reported stuff like this:

    so I would be careful calling Berenson a liar; there is much to be learned yet. I have no allegiance to Berenson or anyone else other than the truth and our governments have not been forthright on any measure of this entire fraud of Covid. Sorry.


    • Kevin Roche says:

      reply to Danimal, thank ou for reading. I would be very cautious about anything I read in PJ media and the embalmer stuff is basically made up, I can’t find any solid research anywhere supporting anything like that

  • rob says:

    “And I have no time for absurd conspiracy theories, large organizations–governmental or private–aren’t that competent.”

    That is the truth that most people don’t understand. Government is basically a slow-moving half-witted dinosaur, incapable of carrying out 90% (note: not 100%) of the devious plans that are attributed to it, even if they wanted to. I suspect the govt secretly loves conspiracy theories because it makes them look a lot more competent than they actually are.

    One way to see this is to consider situations where the govt is caught with its pants down but does nothing to hide the fact, even though it could. Example: the non-existent Weapons Of Mass Destruction which were used to justify war in Iraq. When the govt discovered that they didn’t exist, they admitted it and looked like incompetent fools. Why instead didn’t they simply plant some WMDs and save face? It would have been easy. But no, they’re too busy orchestrating the thousands of people needed to maintain the “lie” that human beings landed on the Moon 50+ years ago. Where’s my eye-rolling emoji?

  • John Kulze MD says:

    The information continues to flow. Please read.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      That is exactly what I have already said in regard to young adults, has nothing to do with the bullshit issue of claiming vax are causing excess deaths.

  • Eric Stearns says:

    Oh. So a 20% YOY increase in all cause mortality in the 18-44 year old cohort, as reported by the Society of Actuaries, analyzing data from 20 out of the top 21 Group Life Policy providers in the US is just a statistical blip? And the fact that they began seeing this increase in June 2021 following the mass vax rollout and mandates. Just a coincidence I guess.

    During the entire false narrative psyop being run you did marvelous reporting and analysis. You were early to the party in shedding a bright light of reality on masking, lockdowns, nursing home issues.

    I am totally baffled now though in your approach to the possibility of vax caused harm and death. It’s like you have cognitive dissonance.

    Eventually you’ll either get on the train or get run over is my bet. So interesting, eh, that the Danes, with one of the best health care systems in the world, and who have provided some of the most thorough and valuable data sets have now essentially said no mas, no mas. No more jabs for anyone under 50. They clearly know something. The CDC knows it too. They are doing their best to hide it.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      sorry you fall for fake news. I read stuff from the Society of Actuaries all the time, please give me the cite and page for that supposed finding, because when it first came out a year ago, neither I nor anyone else could find it

    • Eric Stearns says:

      Link. And the money quote from the report.

      Comparing these numbers to the Group Life numbers, we see that, in the last nine months of 2020, the
      proportional impact for the Group Life market was somewhat below the impact for the U.S. population
      (19.8% versus 22.6%), whereas the Group Life market had a similar impact for non-COVID deaths. (5.1%
      versus 5.0%). For 2021, the Group Life experience was proportionally worse (22.0% versus 17.9% and 3.6%
      versus 2.3%).
      One of the features of 2021 was that excess mortality was worse for the working ages. We see that the
      impact on the U.S. population between 15 and 64 was 31.7% worse, much higher than for the Group Life
      market. The two populations are different, with Group Life having fewer, but not zero, older people
      exposed to coverage. In the last version of this report, we considered age-adjusted results by using only
      55% of the lives exposed above age 64. Continuing to use this adjustment, we see the following results:

      And the there is the EuroStat data. Every country but Portugal excess deaths in 18-49 cohort far worse after roll out of vax. I have the official graph but can’t paste it here.

      I’m not going to pound on this. You are a lawyer. I’m a retired lawyer. Accusing me of “falling for fake news” is really quite amusing. I called the pathogen hoax and the enterprise fraud involved in mid February 2020. And I called fraud on the jabs from the start, having had involvement in two cases where a drug provided under an EUA was involved. I knew they were violating every rule.

      I don’t do fake news. I’m not sure what to think. Because even as bad as VAERS is, the safety signals can’t be ignored. Except apparently by the FDA and people with cognitive dissonance.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      sorry, didn’t see a single word in any of this that has anything to do with the vax. Just admit that you want to believe the vax safety bullshit and stop pretending that there is any evidence to support it.

    • Eric Stearns says:

      Oh ok. So the Danes are no longer offering the vax to anyone under 50. In Orwellian med speak they have essentially withdrawn the product from the market. I’m sure you have a great explanation for that. Oh and the Brits too. Off the market for those under 12. Hmm. Safe and effective. So we’re the lying then. Or are they lying now. Was it safe then. And not safe now.

      You will come around eventually.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      don’t be dense and actually read something–they are no longer recommending it for people under 50 because the levels of vax or infection-derived immunity in the population are so high and the Omicron variants have a very low risk of serious disease. Since I follow data and research and not whacked conspiracy theories that support my “belief”, I won’t “come around”. Get a life beyond wasting your time on internet garbage, you are too smart to fall into that hellhole.

    • Eric Stearns says:

      Time will tell. I understand you don’t like anecdotes. I understand why. However, when both of your (mine) perfectly healthy parents die within 6 and 9 months of being injected, my mom with a massive heart attack and my dad from stage 4 bladder cancer, which spread to literally every bone structure in his body inside of 4 months, one can’t help but be skeptical about safe and effective. It certainly wasn’t effective. Which should make one question “safe.”

      Prior to getting injected my parents (who were both 95) walked 3 miles per day, prepared all their own food, my dad was writing his third book, and they had a great life and planned to make it to 100. They

      Within just a couple weeks after the 2nd injection both of them began to deteriorate. My mom ended up in a nursing home. My dad eventually in hospice. Nothing will ever convince me that the jabs did not hasten their deaths. And They were pressured to take it. And that makes it much worse.

      No conspiracies. But no coincidences. In time all will be revealed. Of that I have no doubt. When one understands that the government paid hundreds of millions to the media to drive a narrative that was false, and suppress all dissent, that fact alone should give anyone pause. It is all enterprise fraud.

      But we are good. As I said in my original post, your early analysis of the data showed the holes in the entire “pandemic” and I followed that closely. We can agree to disagree on the harms and let it be. I don’t see how you can dismiss the safety signals from VAERS, even if there is no URF. Which of course there is a URF of some level. But even without a URF the safety signals are awful. I don’t know how you can dismiss rolling out a new booster with no human trials. If you don’t see nefarious activity there you never will.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I appreciate that people think there is some connection in personal experiences, but there isn’t a single study which in any manner supports the notion that the vax have caused some big number, or even small number of deaths. Not one.

    • goodgrief-952 says:

      Eric Stearns you got the nice response from Kevin regarding your parents’ possible vaccine induced deaths. Here is a typical past response just a few days prior::
      “ Kevin Roche
      September 11, 2022 at 7:08 pm
      Reply to goodgrief. Oh bullshit, people make this shit up every goddamn day–my uncle’s neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend’s third cousin, etc, etc. The internet is full of it, I hear this crap from people constantly. If as many people died as are reported, half the country would be dead. You are delusionally gullible if you fall for any of this nonsense. Most of it is trolls, probably from Russia or China, the rest is whackjob conspiracy theorists. Don’t expect me to fall for any of it, when I can see the actual data and research. use some common sense for a change. Oh and here is some “direct knowledge” for you. I have talked to 4982 people and not one of them knows anyone who has had any serious reaction to the vax. Is that good enough for you? Seems to be the kind of evidence you rely on. If it makes it better I can say I talked to 44,836 people. Seriously, use your brain.”

    • Kevin Roche says:

      you can buy all the crap you want, I have a much better bullshit detector

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