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I Am Back, For What It Is Worth

By September 8, 2022Commentary

When you travel internationally and especially on a hiking trip, there is plenty of opportunity to reflect on a variety of topics.  And returning to the US just reminds one of what a mess we have here and how limited the prospects are for repairing the damage.  A couple of updates from my perspective on significant issues.

As usual, a topic tends to recede from prominence in the American mind pretty quickly, but Ukraine has massive importance from a geopolitical perspective.  The Russian invasion is going poorly, as Western arms have made a huge difference in the balance of forces and as the corruption rampant everywhere in Russia is reflected in the poor equipment, supplies and troops available to the country.  We are reaching a dangerous period, one in which Russian losses may force Putin into some truly drastic action.  You can assume that the sanctions are indeed having the desired effect, or he would not have attempted to cut gas to Europe until the sanctions are ended.  Demoting the current Russian government and nation to a far lesser threat to the world is a highly desirable goal, so keeping the pressure on until Putin is gone or defeated is important.

And you would hope that the energy cost crisis in Europe would force a rethink of the global warming bullshit.  Cheap energy is important to everyone, it is a component of everything.  Europe got itself into this mess, with a strong assist from Russian interference, by believing the made-up global climate emergency crap.  Now it needs to re-establish real energy independence, not by more completely unreliable and expensive renewables like wind and solar, but by use of homegrown fossil fuels or those from friendlier countries and nuclear power.  And the message to the US could not be clearer–go down the renewables path at our own peril.  Oh look, there is California right now, doing rolling blackouts because the state has inadequate power supplies, along with the highest electricity prices in the country.

Joe Biden continues his totalitarian efforts to have one-party rule in the US.  The only threat to democracy comes from his administration and all the progressive state administrations.  They are using the power of government to suppress political opposition.  And they continue to be aided by the media and by rich elitists who expect to get a pay off from those they keep in office.  All elections are important, few could be as important as this one–the Democrats must be defeated if we are to restore any sense of sanity to the country.

The economy is rotten at its core, and all the gimmicks to prop it up will surely fail.  People look at gas prices and think inflation is receding.  It isn’t, in fact it may even accelerate.  Health care prices are going to rise rapidly, wages are just beginning to increase, energy costs are likely to regain their upward trend.  It is ugly and piling on more debt does nothing to help, it only digs the hole deeper.

So coming back didn’t feel good at all.  We have a deeply divided country that it headed south quickly–economically, socially, from a quality of life perspective.  I know what needs to be done, but I don’t think we have leaders who either have the vision or the qualities necessary to execute a turnaround.

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  • D says:

    I wish more conversations would happen. We clearly need a third party (or more) to stop the blue versus red disaster. It’s odd how few critical thinking is happening. I have hope with Shellenberger in California. Are enough paying attention?

  • Mike says:

    Agree with your post coming back from your hike. One request: progressives and liberals (who have lost their way) might well be insulted by your use of these words in sentences like yours below. Rather, leftists, communists or socialists would be more accurate terms.

    The only threat to democracy comes from his administration and all the progressive state administrations.

  • Chris W says:

    Liberals and leftists are happy to always vote as a Democrat block because that’s how they maintain power, and Democrats never talk of wanting to split their party. Unfortunately, 3 or more parties only ever dilutes the conservative vote which ensures the Democrats (leftists) remain in power. For example, not that George H.W. Bush was great, but Ross Perot’s entry into the 1992 election gave us Bill Clinton.

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