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Joe Biden is Demented, Incompetent and a Totalitarian

By September 3, 2022Commentary

Apparently if you are concerned about the country’s direction under our literally senile president, you are a threat to democracy and the soul of the nation.  Here is the true state of the country right now.  We spent an unnecessary and insane amount of money supposedly in reaction to the epidemic but really to advance whacked progressive agendas.  When you pump that much money in the economy you get big inflation and it isn’t going away soon.  You also waste enormous resources, incur fraud and invite people to not work when they get everything free.  So we have an economy that regardless how it looks on the surface is rotten at the core and the consequences are unavoidable.

We have pushed our federal debt and deficit to the point that it will drown us all and require incredibly drastic actions to right the fiscal ship.  Rising interest rates, which are inevitable and will be sustained for many years, will further add to that burden.

We (by we I really mean Democrats and progressives) ruined our children’s educations for a generation by closing schools.  We are literally driving them all insane with record levels of mental health issues, suicide attempts and drug and alcohol problems.  And the biggest cause is treating them like ideological tools, filling their heads with absolute bullshit about racism, gender identity and sexual orientation.  Teachers are the overt arm of the Democrat party and all they care about is indoctrinating children to vote Democratic so teachers can get excessive pay, benefits and pensions for doing a horrible job.  Our kids are learning nothing important and we as a nation are falling far behind China and other countries in creating the workers who really advance an economy.

The border is out of control.  Millions of people are illegally coming to this country, enriching drug cartels along the way and imposing huge burdens on the states they land in.  There are many criminals among them and the open border facilitates drug trafficking and other criminal activity.

Crime is completely out of control and law enforcement has been hobbled in its response.  Everyone knows and feels this.  Murders, robberies, assaults, carjackings, home invasions–everyone is frightened.  African-Americans bear the burden of this disproportionately, but young African-Americans are the worst perpetrators, particularly of race-targeted crimes because they now believe they are immune from arrest or prosecution because of the color of their skin.

Biden and those who move his lips for him, since he is too senile to do any of this on his own, are fundamentally totalitarians.  They cannot tolerate any dissent, anyone who disagrees with them.  They use the full power of the federal government and state governments that they control to attack, suppress, harrass and even arrest anyone who in any manner strays from the whacko progressive orthodoxy.  They enlist the aid of willing co-conspirators in the media and other companies.  This is like living in China or Russia or North Korea.

So as a member of the community that supposedly is such a threat to this country, but that actually loves it and its citizens far more than do Joe Biden and his goonish government, I would like to say Fuck You, Joe Biden, and the horse you rode in on.  You are destroying the quality of life for everyone in the nation and I will do everything I can to see you and your party not just defeated but buried deep in the rubble of history.


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