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A Note on Our Pathetic President

By August 27, 2022Commentary

The Presidementia’s approval ratings have supposedly improved.  The effect is attributed in large part to falling gasoline prices.  It should be noted that the reason this occurred is because the Presidementia, for purely political reasons, authorized extensive releases from the strategic petroleum reserve, temporarily increasing supply.  This was not the purpose of that reserve, which is there for military use and protection in the event of severe disruptions in the normal supply.  It was totally unnecessary and inappropriate here, particularly because there was an alternative–boost US production, which could be easily accomplished, but wouldn’t sit well with the environmental whackos.  Now the reserve is substantially depleted and will have to be refilled at great cost.

The use of the reserve is scheduled to stop in November, just after the elections.  I am sure that is just coincidental timing.  But the reprieve in gas prices will be short-lived.  Various factors are going to drive the price of oil back up again, and unless the Presidementia or Congress allows greater production and expansion of oil refineries, it will stay high.

Aside from this political stunt, the Presidementia is busy calling Republicans fascists, which is incredibly ironic, since he heads the totalitarian party in this country, the one that uses government to oppress its opposition.  At some point, whether in the mid-terms or not, there will be a reckoning for the insane policies this incompetent political hack and his demented party are forcing on the country.  And such name-calling out to stiffen the backs of every elected Republican and motivate all conservative voters.

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  • jowct says:

    On the other hand, one doesn’t need any stinking reserves when one can rely on wind and solar! Oh, and no worries; distribution and storage aren’t a problem either.

  • John Oh says:

    The drop in price is also due to flexible demand — a lot of people changed their vacation plans, commuting habits and other things when the price spiked, and it’s now showing up. Biden’s use of the strategic petroleum reserve for political purposes should come as no surprise. He’s using every other government agency for political purposes.

  • JT says:

    There will be no inflation easing until the leadership of our country ends the war on energy and stops printing worthless money. The only option that replaces the energy density of carbon based fuels is nuclear. Our aging generation & transmission systems loose roughly 40% of input KW’s before it gets to your house/business, literally trillions of KW’s.

    We would be much further ahead by investing in technology to minimize these losses. Since there’s no such thing as independent ‘green’ energy, it all has to be backed up with carbon based resources anyway.

    VOTE for rational people who don’t think that a potential 1 degree temperature change over 20 years is our biggest existential threat. Al Gore gave us an entire series of books full of evidence that this is a complete hoax and people are still stupid enough to listen to this jackass ! Our only existential threat is listing to and following the Green whack-jobs and their WEF acolytes.

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