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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 163

By August 25, 2022Commentary

Anthony Fauci is gone, but he is not forgotten, this is the story of Tony Rotten.  Someone pointed out that Fauci’s lasting legacy will be the mistrust of science and public health he has engendered.  That is not good.  It is hilarious to see his constant attempts to rewrite history when everything he said lives on YouTube.   The best one is he recently said on a news program that he never pushed lockdowns and someone immediately pulled up a clip of crazy Tony saying that if he could, he would have mandated a massive national lockdown.  Good riddance.  Unfortunately next time it will just be some other lifelong bureaucratic hack making up policy.

You may recall that I have mentioned that CV-19 will now be the 5th common seasonal coronavirus and will be with us indefinitely.  And that it is likely that around the turn of the century, the 4th seasonal coronavirus, OC43, likely came into being a caused a substantial epidemic before becoming endemic.  Here is an article that explores that epidemic and it’s likely association with coronavirus.  (PubMed Article)

Another study from Qatar looking a Omicron variants, serious disease and the role of vaccination.  The most interesting finding is that 99.8% to 99.9% of patients experienced no symptoms or mild ones.  It isn’t even a cold.  Despite the extremely small number of serious cases, the authors claim that vaccination was more protective than prior infection.  The confidence intervals are large and I don’t believe it based on other research.  (JAMA Article)

This study in adolescents is more consistent with the prior research.  A prior infection provides better protection than does vaccination alone, and the protection from vax lessens more quickly.  The combination of vax and prior infection provides the best protection.  (Medrxiv Paper)

There have been a number of studies trying to ascertain whether taking any particular medications raises or lowers risk of contracting CV-19 or having serious disease.  This study looked at proton pump inhibitors–used to stop serious indigestion and prevent ulcers, which had been implicated as a potential risk factor for respiratory infections.  While there was some association with influenza or pnemonia, there did not appear to be a meaningful connection with CV-19 risk.  All of these studies are fraught with confounders–unidentifed correlated factors.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Here is a somewhat hilarious, although very long and very technical, review of modeling during the epidemic which ignores the obvious question–why was every model so worthless.  If we don’t learn something from this pathetic episode, the next one won’t be any better.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This study identified a likely shift in symptoms from earlier variants to Omicron ones.  There was less loss of smell or taste during Omicron, but more sore throats, coughing and fatigue.  Vaccinated and unvaxed adults showed no difference in seriousness of symptoms.  (Medrxiv Paper)

The dose interval for the vaccine has been examined in several studies and a longer interval has generally been shown to afford greater protection.  This study similarly found that extending the interval to 12 weeks appeared to create significantly more durable effectiveness.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • Tom says:

    Mr. Roche: i suppose i’m beating a dead horse, but i would assume OC43 could not have been the result of gain of function lab experiments. Does this make COVID 19 more likely to be naturally occurring or will we never know for sure? Thank you.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I think that is equally likely that is was natural or came from the lab. China will never let us see the determinative evidence

  • JT says:

    Lots of ways to look at this, Insurance company data is pretty bulletproof in terms of credibility. Table 5.7 shows a very high increase in the excess deaths Millennials at the same time the mRNA product was being forced upon them to keep their jobs. Average 80% increase (100% is normal, baseline). That’s roughly 60,000 people in their prime health years.

    Also, curiously, over the past couple years you have referenced the same sites as input for your blog. I’ll bet 80% came along with comments critical of the data, methods, or outcomes. Yet you take a very aggressive stance against the ‘Berenson’s’ of the world for using the same crap data sets to justify their perceptions of this very ugly COVID story … many of which are being proven to be somewhat accurate as time passes. We’ve all seen the montages of sound bites over the last couple years proclaiming the mRMA products as the end all, be all, for this virus.

    I’m sure everyone is glad to hear there is a new one coming for the B5. Oh, but your not eligible for it until you go back and take all of the other original shots first (CDC info) … So glad they have gotten their messaging machine fixed and back in sync with Pfizer’s business plan.

    Please keep up your tolerance of other perspectives, it’s been the beauty of your work. I think your followers are intelligent enough to come to their own conclusion’s.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      this is just a lie. the vax have nothing to do with whatever excess of deaths occurs. everyone likes to ignore the fact that 80% or more of those vaxed have also been infected. There is research showing that following a CV-19 infection there is an increased risk of death from several causes. There is zero evidence showing any association with the vax. And there is lots of evidence showing that people missed care and that was associated with excess deaths in several categories like diabetes, hypertension and heart attacks.

  • JT says:

    C19 has been circulating for nearly 3 years and the only spike in insurance report excess deaths for this age group matches up to the forced vaccination time frame. My point is, and has always been, that this product doesn’t belong on the market. It’s testing is suspect, it’s value to the pandemic was/is negligible, and now data is starting to accumulate about its harmful affects. All of this while under an EUA that shields liability from the makers. All of this should require the FDA/CDC to halt all further extermination on us, restructure their clinical trials, and go back to the drawing board on mRNA products. If successful, the results should be an FDA approved product which is OFFERED to the public, never forced !

    • Kevin Roche says:

      just absolutely untrue garbage John, you know better than to fall for this absurd conspiracy bullshit

  • JT says:

    Back to the drawing board with the mRNA products, new clinical trials and proper naming; voluntary Flu “Shot’, voluntary Corona ‘Shot’. Zero ‘hating’ and social restrictions for anyone’s choices !!

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