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We Live in a Totalitarian Dictatorship

By August 8, 2022Commentary

We are no different than Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, et al.  Law enforcement serves as the military arm of one party–the whacko progressives–and is used to persecute political opponents.  I don’t like Donald Trump personally and I wish he would leave public life and let conservatives have a chance to take over the country.  He has already sabatoged the ability to regain the Senate.  But the raid on his house is purely political, nobody but the whacko ideologues would dare to do this.  It is a disgrace to this country.

Republicans, you better remember this, and when you get in power, make Democrats’ lives the very definition of hell.  Keep Garland and every Cabinet Secretary in front of an investigative committee every single day.  Defund the FBI until it is completely cleansed of ideologues.  Force a criminal investigation of Hunter Biden and the entire Biden family.  Impeach Garland and Biden.  We must now fight like Democrats fight, with no regard for the rules that formerly prevailed.  The entire federal government must be cleansed.

And of course Democrats also reveal their incredible stupidity–just when they think they are getting some glory for the passage of the woefully misnamed IRA, they take the spotlight off of it.  And they give all the momentum back to conservatives.  Any thinking person, which leaves out progressives, will be terrified by this naked use of law enforcement for a political purpose.  Rise up and fight.

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  • Barb says:

    Well said!!

  • JT says:

    The reason Trump is being continually persecuted is that he now knows where the bodies are hidden. A second term with his nearly complete understanding of what’s what and who’s who would be far too risky for the Deep State globalists who’ve infiltrated our government. All hell is going to break loose between now and the midterms as these progressive scum-balls try to cling to the power they’ve stolen from the citizenry.

    It wouldn’t surprise me at all if there was another round of lock-downs for the month of November so they can deploy their malfeasance of the voting systems again.

    Ditto about Trump getting put of the way so a true conservative/moderate, constitutional abiding, energy sensible diplomat can be voted into the WH. The smart play would be for Trump to be names as a high level cabinet post where he could advise and help orchestrate the unraveling of the globalists.

    BTW … you make have to shift to ‘Coronamoneymania’ soon !

  • David Krieg says:

    The problem with being human is our conjoined personality traits. What we bring to a situation can make us great sometimes – other situations, not so much. Your call to rise up and fight is correct but nobody fights politically as well as Trump. He consistently espouses, loudly and directly, my own thoughts and hopes for our country. He has held those views for decades and has sacrificed greatly to serve as President. I’ll take his gruff candor over a polished individual peeing on me while exclaiming, “It’s just rain.”

  • Dan says:

    Unfortunately the Republican establishment will do nothing as they’re in bed with the deep start as much as the Dems. Trump couldn’t do anything as President so how is he going to help in the cabinet? What ever happened to lock her up? She wasn’t even investigated.

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