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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 156

By July 30, 2022August 1st, 2022Commentary

There is a lot of garbage out there about children being a significant transmission vector for CV-19.  The truth is that they are at low risk and most of the people they might spread to are other children.  The fact is, as several pieces of research show, living in a household with children is associated with a lower risk of infection or serious illness.  And the more children in the household, apparently the lower the risk.  Children bring lots of infections, including seasonal coronavirus, home from day care and school and those infections create a protective immune response.  So instead of dumping on them, adults should be grateful to have children in the home who might be helping build the adults’ immune defenses.  (Medrxiv Study)

Here is a study worth keeping when people talk about the need to vax children.  Qatar, the source of a lot of good research, looked at the effectiveness of vaxing children.  The effectiveness was abysmally low against Omicron and went away in basically three months.  Repeat after me–there is absolutely zero evidence that supports vaxing especially young children.  (Medrxiv Paper)

It isn’t worth spending a lot of time on but people are still debating whether CV-19 is a lab escape or arose by transfer from an animal host.  It appears quite clear, as this article explains, that the start of the epidemic was in a Wuhan, China animal market.  That market is near a lab working on CV research, so either the animal transfer or lab escape theory could be supported by that origin point.  The authors are somewhat persuasive that it was an animal transfer.  (Science Article)

According to this study, getting vaccinated after being infected reduces the risk of reinfection by about half.  Please note, however, that the researchers did not ascertain infection by antibody testing and the followup period is short.  The overall conclusion, however, is consistent with other research that the combination of vax and prior infection is better than either alone.  (JAMA Article)

Recently there have been a number of unusual hepatitis cases, particularly in children.  Researchers have now isolated the cause to a combination of common respiratory viruses, which typically children have substantial exposure to early in life and therefore have an immune response to attempted infection.  But due to school closures and other pandemic suppression measures, our children are suffering substantial “immune deficits”, leading to much greater risk of serious illness.  Another complete failure to consider total public health.  (Medrxiv Article)

Given how important we have been told that masking is during the epidemic, you would think scads of evidence has been gathered proving beyond any doubt that masks actually work to slow spread of CV-19 in the community.  The answer is no there hasn’t been any real evidence produced to that effect, which in itself tells you all you need to know.  And here is the 8th update released by the medical group tracking mask research, still finding very low evidence of any benefit.  (Annals Article)


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  • Mike M. says:

    It seems clear that the first big outbreak of the Wuhan virus was at the wet market. The question is what type of infected animal brought the virus to the market. My money is still on homo sapiens. I don’t think the Science paper eliminates that.

  • Tom H says:

    Mike – my thoughts, too. I am interested in Mr. Roche fleshing out his comments on the ‘science paper.’ it seems to me, as an admitted novice on these matters, that the paper’s findings do not preclude a lab leak.

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