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Mask Studies Get Their Own Post

By July 20, 2022Commentary

I do this because some people are still obsessed with making everyone wear 8 masks, including while sleeping. It is 100% clear to me that masks 1) do not slow the spread of CV-19 in the community and 2) the reasons for that are varied, but one is that they actually collect and concentrate the virus.  I have called masks “virus collection devices” for probably two years.  While there is some jocularity in that appellation, that is literally what they are designed to do.  I kept saying there needed to be more studies about what is on a mask in real-life use over time.  Here is a study from Japan that does that in one context.  Published in Nature, the study finds that among 109 volunteers who used masks regularly in the community, after usage their masks regularly contained both bacterial and fungal pathogens, including some known to cause disease in humans.  In fact 99% had such pathogens on the face side and 94% on the outer side.  Whoopee, who would have guessed.  While the authors merely suggest that immuno-compromised people should not re-use masks, a more appropriate recommendation would be that no one should wear them ever.  Please note the table showing the pore size of masks versus the usual size of viruses.  Uhhh, the mask pore is several times larger.  What a pathetic joke.    (Nature Article)

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  • emergency9 says:

    I fear we are about to re-enter indoor masking hell here in Southerncaliforniastan because of case rates, even though the hospitals are underwhelmed. I truly appreciate healthyskeptic. It’s been a voice of reason and sanity in two plus years of insanity

  • joseph kosanda says:

    Did a quick google search

    Mask vs non mask effectiveness – first 32 hits all claimed masks were effective. 33rd and 34th hit is first hit that indicated that mask effectiveness was limited.

    fwiw – google’s algorythim cherry picks the studies that convey the “correct narrative”

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