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Environmental Insanity

By July 19, 2022Commentary

The green lobby in the US is phenomenally powerful and has convinced people, aided by Russian and Chinese disinformation operations, that we are all going to die in some global heat wave and the only solution is to switch to unreliable and expensive sources of energy.  Funny thing is, Russia and China aren’t switching and have no intention of switching to wind and solar.  They might use more nuclear power, but our green nuts won’t permit that.  This is all underpinned by fantasy “science”, in fact climate change is the initial burst of ideological “science”, which has led to things like the complete politicization of the supposed research underlying the CV-19 response.

This article points out one of the many issues with solar, and wind, power–they aren’t particularly environmentally friendly.  Wind turbines kill tens of thousands of birds and are a visual and sonic nightmare and they alter weather and climate.  But solar has its own hidden environmental toll.  Making solar panels takes lots and lots of toxic chemicals, chemicals which in the water supply or air are very bad for human health.  And those solar panels don’t last all that long and when they are over their useful (or is it useless) life, they are not recycled, they end up in landfills where those toxic chemicals can leach into the water.  But you won’t read about that in your local paper as they cheerlead for the entire US to be covered in solar farms.  (Yahoo Article)

As usual, this is all about money.  People, mostly Democrat party donors, are making billions off of “renewable” energy subsidies.  This is an extraordinarily profitable business and a big chunk of those profits gets recycled to whacked Dems to ensure that the subsidies keep flowing.  They don’t give a damn about the resulting cost and unreliability of electricity or the environmental consequences.

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  • JT says:

    Just reviewed a project for our company to add solar to ‘supplement’ our industrial load. 7 to 10 year payback on 1MM investment, to cover 30%, in a volatile market where we’ve just seen our electric rates double in June, .06 to .12. The 7-10 year payback was based on the .12, so you can imagine the crap ROI on .06. The entire scheme is rooted in tax incentives and the selling back of your CO2 credits to your local utility. The value of those credits is more volatile than than the electricity rates and our state, PA, has just changed the rules to the generator’s about the buy back scheme.

    I can’t say it’s a total fraud, but it’s certainly based in subsidies and tax incentives that no one in their right ‘business’ mind should get involved with. On top of all of this, the organization we received the proposal from is 9 months out on parts … so far out, that the tax dropping incentives can’t be predicted.

    If the dementia patient, moron-n-chief, uses another executive order to further destroy the energy infrastructure of our great country, I’m afraid the chin strap on his bike helmet is going to be cut ! BTW, how come the White House physician still has a medical license and isn’t in jail?

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