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Crime in Minnesota

By July 19, 2022Commentary

Our incompetent Governor and corrupt, racist Attorney General could care less about crime in Minnesota, so we have record murders, record car-jackings, record burglaries, record everything.  And we have no efforts to stymie gang-related violence or drug trafficking, resulting in record drug overdoses, many affecting young people.  But not to worry, a lot of the money raised from these criminal activities finds its way into Democratic party coffers, and that is all scum like the Governor and Attorney General care about.

Covid Clarity on Twitter brought this to my attention.  At this link you can do an interactive examination of crime in America and the various states.  (Crime Stats)  Look at Minnesota and the comparison to the national picture.  Oh look, Minnesota’s rate of violent crime in 2020 rose at a far higher rate than the national average.  And even the Star Tribune can’t hide the fact that it has risen even more in 2021 and 2022.  Be nice if the aforementioned Governor and Attorney General had half as much interest in doing something about crime as they do in prosecuting police.  Move somewhere else if you can.  And don’t vote for the whacked progressive Democrat party if you value your sanity, your safety and your economic well-being.

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