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Drug Overdoses in Minnesota

By July 15, 2022Commentary

The whacko Democrats have given up on having a border.  That means all kinds of criminals freely come into the US from anywhere.  It also means massive hauls of drugs are coming across.  And whacko Democrats have given up on investigating and prosecuting drug trafficking.  Then you throw in the social upheaval caused by lockdowns and school closures and what do you get?  Record numbers of drug overdoses.  Minnesota just reported that in 2021 there were 1286 overdose deaths in the state, up over 20% from the prior year which was also a record year.  These are someone’s children in many cases.  It’s tragic, but Little Timmy Walz and the complete scumbag Keith Ellison could care less.  They are way more interested in prosecuting the police.  And someone should investigate Ellison’s finances to see if he is getting paid off, because he does nothing about drugs.  (Minn. Report)

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