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A Couple More Quick Climate Notes

By July 12, 2022Commentary

Here is a post from Daily Skeptic showing that there are a few climate scientists left with some integrity.  Climate science isn’t.  It is full of data manipulation and outright fraud, sketchy methodologies, and bogus models.  It is disgraceful that this collection of non-scientific research is allowed to influence public policy in any manner.  And it will only get worse as universities seek to force out anyone who doesn’t toe the climate religion line.  (DS Post)

And this is a technical but interesting study that reminds us that in fact the earth is not warmer today than it ever has been, in fact it is quite a bit cooler than in earlier eras.  And it reminds us that humans are not the biggest factor in long-term climate changes, nature itself is.  The scientists examined the period from about 20 million years ago to now, when the earth went from being pretty much uniformly quite warm to a period of substantial ice ages interspersed with relatively short warm periods, one of which we are living in now.

The earth has a variety of cycles which affect climate and other characteristics of earth.  Our planet is still very dynamic, with new crust emerging and being subducted on a constant basis, this occurs in volcanic zones and in mid-ocean spreading ridges.  Carbon is a component of a variety of minerals and organic residues and there is a long-term carbon cycle involving the incorporation of carbon into solid minerals or its release in gaseous form at areas where crust production temperatures are high.

The conversion of carbon into gases, including the infamous CO2, the supposed regulator of earth’s temperatures.  (Spoiler alert, it isn’t, that role falls mainly to H20, also known as water vapor in its gaseous form.)  So these scientists found that much of the change in earth’s temperature is likely due to changes in the production of new crust, which involves heating of minerals that can release gaseous carbon.  There effects are presumably still occurring and likely have a much greater impact than anything humans are doing.  (Science Article)

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  • Brandt Johnson says:

    It doesn’t matter to me if it is real or not, the agenda of the people pushing this stuff is to control us that has been made abundantly clear. When I think back they were using the same tactics with climate change 15 years ago that they used with COVID to surpress doctors and I scientists. COVID has really made it clear what the climate change agenda really is and who is pushing it.

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