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Education on the Climate System and Renewable Energy

By July 6, 2022Commentary

We will never overcome the completely false and delusional rhetoric about the “changing” climate if we don’t improve basic understanding of the climate system.  This is an excellent article on the topic, very approachable.  While it buys into the fraudulent notion that greenhouse gases are rapidly changing the current climate, if you ignore that, it has a good presentation of inputs, outputs, feedbacks and other dynamics of the climate.  The big takeaway, from my perspective, is that the climate system is astoundingly complex and that no current model possibly could or possibly does accurately replicate past macro events much less future ones.  You also come away seeing that whatever the impact of human greenhouse gas emissions is, it doesn’t make one squat of difference in the long-run climate.  (PT Article)

And the notion that “renewable” energy will solve our non-existent climate problem is delusional as well, for many reasons.  Here is an article from a reformed climate and renewable energy nut which lays out very clearly why it is a fantasy to expect solar or wind to make a bit of difference.  (This is especially true when countries like China and India continue to build new coal plants as fast as they can.)   Not only can these sources not produce the energy we need, they are very expensive, very unreliable and not environmentally friendly.  Ask the birds killed by wind and solar projects.  Look at the manufacturing process for each.  Look at what happens at the end of their useful life.  (RE Article)

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  • joe Kosanda says:

    I will state up front that climate science is extremely complex

    That being said, the AGW advocates and AGW scientists get so much of easy science so spectacularly wrong, that you should seriously question how they could possibly have the superior intellectual capacity necessary to understand climate science.

    Most of the “agw advocates ” are pathetically ignorant of such topics as renewables, tax subsidies, deficiencies / and or limitations in paleo reconstructions, SLR, etc. Very simply, if they have such difficulty with the basics ( or so easily fooled) , how can they grasp climate science.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    Go to Skeptical Science dot com (the “pro science – climate science website ” ) for examples of the complete delusional belief in AGW and the complete lack of basic science and complete of basic engineering concepts.

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