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The Ugliness of Our Pro(re)gressive Tribe

By July 4, 2022Commentary

I am going to put a few posts up over the day regarding the distressing state of our country.  There is always a temptation to try to be reasonable and ascribe cause to all sides of policy issues.  This tendancy, however well intentioned, allows extremists to not only survive but thrive.  The reality is that that difficulties our country currently faces are almost exclusively due to the whacko progressives (who are truly regressives in regard to what their policies do to the quality of life) who have captured the Democrat party.  They are whackos because their ideas would seem too absurd and ludicrous to be taken seriously by any politician even 25 years ago.  A clever manipulation of universities, public education, public employment, the media and language has bizarrely allowed this drivel to become a dominant thread in our public discourse.

Not only is this group intellectually bereft, but it cannot tolerate any dissent, any deviation from its dogma.  It is startlingly akin to Islamic fundamentalism in this regard.  Disagree and off with your head.  This was on full display in regard to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision.  This supposedly enlightened group which is so sensitive to the rights of people regardless of their innate characteristics or chosen religion, delivered a crescendo of vile bile.   The worst of this filth was directed at an African-American on the Court, Justice Thomas, including death threats and frequent use of the N-word, which is apparently ok if you are a pro(re)gressive.   The other target was a female jurist, Justice Comey-Barrett, with similarly was derided in regard to both her gender and her religion.

The best aspect of this outpouring of despicable ill wishes was that it should be apparent to everyone that the identity politics-happy pro(re)gressive tribe is the most racist, sexist, bigoted group in the country.  They are the sole source of our increasingly dysfunctional government and things will not get better until they are defeated, completely irrevocably defeated and washed from public life.

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  • Corinne says:

    You are spot on! I work in an environment that is “progressive and woke” (whatever that means). I questioned why it was important for me to put my pronouns under my signature and was told that I was being disrespectful and insensitive to my fellow employees.

  • David says:

    You’re absolutely correct – their lunacy and hypocrisy have been on full display for a long time. If anyone actually wants to find racism, look no further than the regressive Left. Ask any outspoken, non-white Conservative what kind of insults have been hurled at them.
    Thank you for your work, Kevin and using your platform for truth. I hope you and all the readers have a great Independence Day holiday.

  • rob says:

    I totally agree with your characterization of the progressives on the left, but the lunatics on the far right are just as crazy and no less dangerous to our country.

    • Kevin Roche says:

      There are a lot of crazy right wingers as well, I agree, but they are not in power in one single place in the country. Progressives run the federal government, almost every city and many states. And it is Antifa and BLM burning down cities, not right wingers

  • Bryon Grosz says:


    What policies are the far right pushing that you consider no less dangerous to our country?

    The Left have open borders, shutting down small businesses for a year in the name of safety, closing schools for more than a year, a positive view of socialism, taxing wealth (no one could plan for retirement), runaway spending causing massive inflation, limiting fossil fuel development to the greatest extent that they can get away with, defunding police, telling renters that they can’t collect rent, grooming kids in Kindergarten and Grade School, pressuring social media and big tech to censor their political opponents… these are all off the top of my head and I am certain I could go on for quite a bit longer.

    I frequent multiple solidly conservative sites on a daily basis and spend a lot of time in the comments which I would expect to include a reasonable number of people considered “far right” and I’m not aware of anything they call for that comes close to what the Left is doing. So, I would be interested in your list of far-right policies and positions that come close to the list I just gave, and perhaps a few examples of who you consider to be members of the far right that hold those positions.

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