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State-Mandated Indoctrination

By June 25, 2022Commentary

If you don’t read the Powerline Blog you should.  You will get information on what government is up to that you simply will find astounding.  And if you think that the whacko progressives aren’t hell-bent on totalitarian control of every aspect of life and determined to corrupt every institution in the country, you are just dead wrong.   In this post, John Hinderaker reveals the Minnesota Department of Education plan to force ideological conformity among teachers and turn them even moreso into indoctrinators of children.  This insanity is just jaw-dropping.  Where are the politicians to take this on?  (Powerline Post)

Basically Minnesota is proposing to mandate that all teachers must be proficient in the racist doctrine known as critical race theory, which openly advocates for discrimination against various races and the guilting and shaming of young children.  That will improve race relations.  And it requires that they espouse the nonsensical and anti-scientific lunacy that gender and sex are somehow different and the teacher should evince a perverted interest in young children’s sexuality or “gender identity”.

This proposed rule, which I strongly encourage you to read in its entirety, is aside from an exercise in insanity, an unconstitutional attempt to force teachers to adopt and display specific political ideologies.  I am sure the teachers’ unions will go along with this.  They are all about anything that will get more whacko Dems elected, who will then give teachers unlimited raises and benefits and make sure they never get fired no matter how incompetent they are.

Here is a truly radical idea–how about we require that teachers actually know something about math, science, reading, writing and that they have to demonstrate that they can pass that knowledge on to students.  And instead of critical race theory, how about we focus on critical thinking, of which we are in astoundingly short supply.

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