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More Woke Nonsense in Health Care

By June 20, 2022Commentary

Your health care and health are under assault by same lunatics that have ruined every other institution in the country.  The latest piece of bullshit from this crowd is that African-American residents, who are the graduates of medical school doing their clinical apprenticeship, leave those programs at higher rates than do white medical school graduates.  The article relies on untested anecdote, and makes no attempt to give a full picture.  And of course, the article describes these occurrences as being “forced out”.  I strongly suspect that in fact these people get all kinds of breaks not available to persons of other ethnic or racial backgrounds, especially with the focus on “equity”, which in the warped woke vocabulary means just give something to someone who is a certain racial or ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, you name it; merit be damned.  And you give them things until they are over-represented according to their proportion of the population, and then the other groups can whine about equity and they can get special treatment.  I would like to see this applied to Hispanics and Asians in pro football and basketball.

In any event, the truly sad thing about this approach is it leads to either failure by people who truly aren’t capable of meeting the requirements of being a doctor or to their being passed when they aren’t qualified.  And the sadder thing is that it is unnecessary.  There is nothing innate that prevents African Americans or any other race or ethnic heritage from being outstanding physicians if they study and work hard.  And that is the key, too many African-American children go up in households where education is not valued and they don’t learn how to learn, and then they go to schools where their lack of progress is ignored and they just move ahead despite the lack of educational attainment.  Now this philosophy is being applied in college and graduate schools, like those for medicine.

A better approach would be to work with these children to help them understand how to learn, to take pleasure in learning and reward them for real progress.  Every school that has taken this approach has been enormously successful.  But that is harder and doesn’t fit the systemic racism garbage.  The woke equity approach is itself deeply racist–it assumes that African-Americans have to be given things; that they aren’t capable of earning them.  This is incredibly offensive to the millions of African-Americans who, often in the most difficult of circumstances, have made incredible achievements.  The net effect of making people physicians just because of the color of their skin and regardless of capabilities will be to end up with less competent doctors, poorer quality health care, and bad outcomes for patients.  And some will be so bad that they will fail so obviously that it can’t be ignored.

The other aspect of woke medicine that should frighten everyone is the relentless drive to treat patients not as individuals, but as a collection of characteristics, and to view their health issues as related to those characteristics.  Would you like to walk into a doctor’s office and all the physician sees is your skin color, your age, your ethnic background, your gender, your religion.  Feel like you will get the best care that way?  But hey, at least the wokesters can say the numbers all balance and equity has been achieved.  Everyone is getting lousy health care.  Equality of outcomes is more important to these morons than actual quality.

We shouldn’t be surprised that health care is being afflicted by the progressive disease.  Every institution in our country has been infested by this scourge.  The destruction to our society and economy are obvious.  Less obvious is that this group is actively aided and supported by our friends in China, Russia, Iran and other places.  They delight in our torment and want nothing more than to see us destroy ourselves from inside.  It’s working.  I have said repeatedly that short of complete upheaval, I don’t know how we fix this.  We literally need to destroy the universities that are the center of this plague.  We need to fire all the government employees actively involved in spreading the gospel of wokeism.  It is a huge task.  The alternative is a constant decline in the quality of our lives.


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