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Climate Quick Hit

By June 15, 2022Commentary

Climate “science” is worse than the CV-19 science put forth by public health experts.  And the current looney tunes administration is totally bought in the garbage and is so confident they are right that they are seeking to suppress any research or information which tells the truth about climate.  Always a sure sign that you actually are wrong.  In any event, if you look you can find a few brave scientists willing to have an open mind.

Climate nuts claim that fossil fuels are the villain, although they have enabled society to radically improve quality of life for everyone.  Supposedly CO2 causes long-term temperature increases.  This is dubious because the long-term historical records do not universally support a finding that CO2 rose before temperatures.  In fact, quite the opposite.  And here is another study to that effect, one that you won’t be reading about in your newspaper or hearing about on TV news.  These authors use new methods to find that at least in recent years, higher temperatures precede higher CO2 levels.  But that won’t stop the climate Nazis, who are determined to take us back to the Stone Age.  (CO2 Study)


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