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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 144

By June 12, 2022Commentary

Sweden courageously refused to follow the rest of the world off the CV-19 lockdown cliff and kept primary schools open.  A study looked at whether there was any significant learning loss among these children who did experience some disruption from teacher absences and other issues associated with the epidemic but basically had a normal educational experience.  There was no learning loss.  This can be contrasted with the US where multiple studies show extreme educational and social harm from locking children out of schools, particularly to low-income and minority children.  But the real question is did the Swedish children learn that there are 400 genders, that if they are white in skin tone they are evil, and if they have an Asian heritage they aren’t much better although they could qualify as a person of color, and did they get to go to drag queen shows.  As far as I can tell in the US, that is what counts for quality education today.  (IJER Article)

This study from a large health system in Southern California made extensive adjustments to account for prior infection with or vaccination for CV-19 and found that infection with the Omicron variant was clearly associated with a much lower risk for hospitalization or death.  In essence this means that the same person infected with Omicron versus Delta would have very likely experienced less severe disease.  (Nature Article)

Sooner or later everyone is going to realize that our approach to CV-19 suppression caused a lot of deaths, and will continue to cause deaths, primarily from disruption of health care and lives, for a long time.  This paper at the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that there were at least 100,000 excess deaths from non-CV-19 causes from the start of the epidemic through the end of 2021.  Many were drug overdoses, but a large number were from complications of diabetes, heart disease and hypertension, all suggestive of exacerbation of disease from missed health care, due to the terror campaign waged by politicians and public health experts.  (NBER Study)


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