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What Do LTC Deaths and Deaths Over Age 75 Tell Us?

By June 9, 2022Commentary

Early in the epidemic a notable feature was the incredibly high proportion of deaths among nursing home residents and the very high median age of death.  The elderly were very susceptible, largely because many were near the end of life anyway.  Vaccines and boosters changed that, but only for a time.  Dave Dixon and I thought you would be interested in and updated look at the proportion of deaths among long-term care residents and the proportion of deaths in those over 75.  They both are sending the same message–the vaccines had a protective effect against death for the elderly, including those in nursing homes, but that effect is over.  This is a heavily boosted population.  Doesn’t matter.  These charts were put together by Dave straight from the official DOH files.

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  • Dan Riser says:

    It is still telling us that walz is still getting away with murder with his dept of death protocols. How many elderly deaths have added to his death toll? I see lower numbers but I would bet the greater percentage are those in assisted livings where he and his dept of death have comtrol.

  • Neil Herring says:

    I’m not sure that your time interpretation is the correct one. Given the number of folks over 75 both inside and outside of LTC facilities who survived their earlier bouts with COVID (in addition to being vaxed at high levels, the charts could also show that together the group is being protected at the same levels of protection- a positive outcome actually. How long this lasts? Who knows?

  • Corey says:

    Your first chart shows LTC and non-LTC deaths following the same general trendlines. Seems to me that this was more likely due to seasonality than “vaccine” effectiveness. The non-LTC deaths dropped at almost the same rate as the LTC deaths for a population that hadn’t even begun to take the shots. Is it possible that seasonality masked the limitations of the shots for a time, only to exposed later in subsequent waves?

    • Kevin Roche says:

      I don’t think that is quite right, look at how the lines diverge during vax introduction, than reconverge–the percent lines

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