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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 141

By May 27, 2022Commentary

Bill Gates says vax don’t work all that well and what is the point of checking vax and prior infection status, doesn’t do anything to stop spread.  This is the same Bill Gates that early on was calling for massive lockdowns and forcible vaccination.

This epidemic has been marked by the production of flawed and misleading “science” to support official messaging.  For example, we heard how asymptomatic spread was such a serious threat to everyone, and that meme was a primary justification for lockdowns and school closures.  An ongoing meta-review of research on the topic finds that in fact those who are asymptomatic carriers of CV-19 are much less likely to transmit.  (PLOS Paper)

The gentleman, Ian Miller, who has done a lot of data analysis on masks on Twitter also publishes at Substack and points out how well Sweden did compared to many countries, despite being pilloried early on for not shutting down and going mask crazy.  (Substack Link)

And this paper describes the impact of aggressive state responses to suppress viral spread–the harder a state tried, the worse it’s economy was and that negative economic impact had an effect on people’s lives as well.  But all that mattered to the coronamonomaniacs was being able to say that they stopped one case of CV-19.  And of course at it turns out, they haven’t stopped any.  (SSRN Paper)

Good adaptive immunity has as a critical component the production of “memory” T cells that are able to coordinate a quick response to attempted re-infection.  This study found that while infection produced such cells in the lungs, mRNA vaccination failed to do so.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Another study from Israel looks at the impact of all “immune-conferring events”, that is prior infection and vax.  This is a good design that uses length of time from event and identifies all events.  The findings again suggest that infection provides better adaptive immune response than does vax alone, and a combination of vax and infection may be best.  Notable is the rapid decline in protection against future infection from either prior infection or vax.   (NEJM Study)

Further evidence of the modest protection provided by even booster vax comes in this research letter, which attempts to use the data to recommend boosters, but the protection is not just modest, but falling rapidly even in the short follow-up period used in the study.  (NEJM Study)

Universities have been among the most-whacked in terms of extreme CV-19 reactions, suspending classes, forcing vax and masks, and so on.  This study at Cornell University finds that all of this soul-crushing, education-destroying activity did essentially nothing to stop spread. Have I mentioned that all this nonsense is futile, and imposes huge costs on society?  (JAMA Paper)


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