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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 137

By May 14, 2022Commentary

Are we there yet–have we arrived at accepting that there are pathogens floating around out there and we just have to live with them?  Apparently not because I still see people driving in cars by themselves wearing a mask.  But after the study about how masks raise CO2 levels, which causes a decline in cognitive functioning, I understand that the mask religionists are simply incapable of basic reasoning.  When there is so much other craziness in the world, you would think there wouldn’t be so many epidemic bitter clingers.

I get worn out talking about the horrific damage we inflicted on children during the epidemic.  They were at essentially zero risk but we took away years of educational and social development.  And we pushed a vaccine on them that makes no difference in their risk.  Here are a couple of additional studies to that point.  The first finds that within two months after a two-dose vaccination, effectiveness against infection has dropped to about 29% for young children and 17% for adolescents.  That is simply pathetic and given the risks of myocarditis in this group, is ample evidence why it is best to just let the virus run in this age group, which CDC says is over 70% infected in any event.  (JAMA Article)   The second research letter claims that vaxed children had a lower risk of hospitalization, but that this alleged protective effect also declined rapidly.  There was no attempt to even identify multiple potential confounders around incidental hospitalizations and general health status, which is critical in this age group.  For whatever reason, some researchers are desperate to try to make up evidence about why vaccinating children is good.   (JAMA Letter)

The euphemistic non-pharmaceutical interventions on a population level clearly have done nothing to slow spread, since despite their widespread enforcement an increasing majority of Americans have been infected and even reinfected.  This study purports to do an intensive tracking of about 1000 people in Maryland to see which NPIs were associated with a lower likelihood of infection.  Only interventions that kept people from having many contacts had any effect and then not much.  Please note that strict masking made no difference.  Also note that this is a very short period early in the epidemic, so that almost certainly over a longer period and in recent months none of these NPIs would be shown to have any effect.  (JID Study)

And despite the fact that this study shows that in an indoor entertainment setting a very high percent of vaxed persons became infected, the authors claim we need more boosters and other measures to prevent transmission.  When are scientists going to wake up and accept that nothing is going to stop infections.  The lack of common sense and the resistance to the obvious is startling.  (JID Study)

And this study from a nursing home similarly shows spread among vaxed residents although there did appear to be protection against serious disease and death, at least in the period shortly after vaccination.  Some transmission appeared to be from vaxed persons to vaxed persons.  (JID Study)

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  • rob says:

    I saw a guy mowing his lawn in a mask today.

  • Cynthia says:

    Could be he’s allergic to whatever particulates are kicked up by mowing. I found some really old N95 masks in my garage that I used to wear while mowing because of my allergies. Man, were those things uncomfortable!!!

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Yeah, I get bad seasonal allergy response when mowing, but i suspect this was a covid response

  • Joe kosanda says:

    Lots of people wore masks when mowing lawns long before covid

    I have supply of masks for use when I am working in attic,

    • Kevin Roche says:

      Whether they make a difference or not I always use them if working with insulation or when spraying insecticides

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