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Year-Over-Year Charts, May 6

By May 7, 2022Commentary

The reported stats show an uptick in some events, reflected in our longer-term epidemic charts.  Note again that many hospitalizations are not for treatment of CV-19, but just reflect positive tests at admission.  They should not be counted but are by DOH as part of the legacy terror campaign.

Dave’s notes:

  1. Fig. 1: New daily cases per day bottomed out at 374 average cases per day on 3/20/2022. Daily cases have now risen to 1370 cases on 4/28/2022 on the most recent date displayed (continuing our policy of not displaying the most recent 7 days due to incomplete reporting by MDH).
  2. Fig. 2: Active cases reached a recent low at 4,053 cases on 3/24/2022, and have since risen to 12,019 active cases on 4/28/2022.
  3. Fig. 3: Covid ICU admissions  achieved recent lows of 2.4 average admissions per day on 3/29/2022 and 4/22/2022, and have risen to 4.6 admissions per day on 4/28/2022.
  4. Fig. 4: Covid Non-ICU admissions were at a minimum of 18.0 admissions per day on 4/4/2022, and most recently are at 41.9 admissions per day on 4/28/2022.
  5. Fig. 5: ICU Covid hospital beds in use appear to still be trending lower generally. There have been less than 30 ICU beds in use every day since 3/27/2022.
  6. Fig. 6: Non-ICU Covid hospital beds in use, in contrast to ICU beds in use, are increasing recently. The lowest number of Non-ICU Covid beds in use was 162.4 beds on 4/13/2022, and have risen to 231.3 beds in use on 4/28/2022.
  7. Fig. 7: Deaths attributed to Covid continue to fall, despite the recent increase in cases. There were an average of 2.1 Covid deaths per day on 4/28/2022, but deaths reporting tends to lag and this average may increases slightly as more data is reported..
  8. For all charts the last 7 days of data is excluded to avoid charting incomplete data. For the deaths chart data from the last 14 days is excluded.
  9. All data is taken from the Minnesota Department of Health Situation Update for OCVID-19 web page and from the Response and Preparation web page
  10. All data is shown as 7 day running averages.

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