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The Mistress of Disinformation

By May 6, 2022Commentary

Okay, this is so insane, so far beyond even what I thought whacko progressives were capable of, that I am now certain I have fallen into an alternate universe, literally gone through the looking glass.  I am sure you all have seen that our truly senile Presidementia has in his infinite, infinitely stupid that is, wisdom decided to set up a Ministry of Disinformation.  I mean how dumb are these people, could you sound more like something Orwell wrote decades ago.  I have basically ignored commenting on it because it is such a self-parody that I am sure it will fall on its face.  But I have had the great misfortune of seeing a number of videos put out in all seriousness by this complete buffoon of a person who is supposed to head this.  Here is an example.  (Twit Video).   I strongly encourage you to watch as many of these as you can, they are all over the internet.  It is both incredibly entertaining and incredibly frightening.

These are serious videos from this absolute joke of a human being.  How can anyone be so self-unaware that they don’t realize what they look and sound like it.  I am astounded by what we are producing in this society today and that this kind of absolutely inane idiot is actually considered appropriate for a high government position.  Ministry of Silly Walks indeed.  She will be soundly and well-deservedly laughed out of office.  This has to be parody.  Dementia Joe has lost track of time and thinks it is April 1st and is just having us on for a lark.

On the other hand, even traditional liberals now realize that the whacko progressives who are the Dumocrat party today do not believe in free speech, they not only can’t handle the truth, they are afraid of anyone who doesn’t parrot their completely insane policies and beliefs.  In whacko-progressive land, everyone must believe the same thing, must say the same thing, must act the same way.  No deviation at all is tolerated.  How the hell did we get to a place where one of our major political parties if completely totalitarian, they want to turn the United States, the everlasting beacon of freedom, into Stalinist Russia, Kim’s North Korea, or the wonderful paradise of Communist China, where people are welded into their apartments, allowed to starve to death, or burn to death because they can’t get out when there is a fire.  That is the model for these lunatics.  And this Ministry of Disinformation is just the start for how to plan to enforce their plan to make everyone homogenous zombie whackos like they are.

I am telling you now, that if everyone who recognizes how crazy this is doesn’t start doing everything they can–with votes, money, raising your voices–we are doomed, truly doomed.

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  • Bryon Grosz says:

    “Okay, this is so insane, so far beyond even what I thought whacko progressives were capable of,”

    I’ve stopped being surprised by anything the Left does anymore. They are capable of anything.

  • Joe kosanda says:

    The party that believes men can give birth needs a department to stop disinformation !

  • Keith Morton says:

    To much focus is wasted on the Mary Poppins moron. IF they had put up Anton Scalia if still would be an outrageous intrusion. It’s the concept itself that is certifiably evil.

  • John Oh says:

    And to top it all off, Mayorkas told Senate committee that he was unaware that Jankowitz called the Hunter laptop story disinformation and promoted the Steele dossier. So either no one at Homeland Security bothered to vet Jankowitz, maybe didn’t even bother with google, or they did and didn’t tell the boss, or Mayorkas knew and lied to the committee. And they call it Homeland Security. And they’re going to identify misinformation, like they did reviewing Jankowitz’s credentials. We’re in the very best of hands. Best and brightest.

  • JT says:

    We’re dealing with people who are so delusional about their Marxist utopia, that they will take this ship down before they ever admit they are wrong and change course. Layer upon layer of more government intrusion and control. One WEF acolyte after another being installed in mission critical positions. What company is being signed up to run the computer system for the Mid-terms? If they hijack these elections (again), it’s game over.

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