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Hospital Onset CV-19 Update

By May 3, 2022Commentary

At this point the majority of supposed CV-19 hospitalizations are not admissions for treatment of CV-19.  First, at least half of the ones that DOH and other states are calling CV-19 ones are admissions for something else and the person happens to have a positive test.  Even worse, there are some number of hospitalizations in which the person actually gets infected in the hospital.   Now the definition of hospital onset CV-19 is ludicrous, you have to be in the hospital for 14 days.  So if a more reasonable 3 days to 7 days was used, this number would likely be much higher.  Dave Dixon has been tracking that number and here are updated charts.

Dave’s notes:

  • The chart in Fig. 1 illustrates the total number of Covid hospital beds in use each day in Minnesota (blue curve), and the number of Hospital Onset Covid beds in use each day (orange curve). Hospital Onset Covid is defined as the number of people who are admitted for non-Covid reasons and only after being hospitalized for 14 days test positive for Covid.
  • The chart in Fig. 2 illustrates the number of people with Hospital Onset Covid (orange curve) and the percentage of all Covid beds in use which were classified as Hospital Onset Covid (black curve). On 4/28/2022, the most recent day we have data for, 6.9% of all Minnesota Covid patients were classified as Hospital Onset Covid. Hospital Onset Covid patients have made up at least 5% of the total Covid Beds in Use since 3/04/2022.
  • The US Department of Health and Human Services publishes a database titled “COVID-19 Reported Patient Impact and Hospital Capacity by State Timeseries” here: database, in Column 9, contains a number series named “hospital_onset_covid”, defined as “Total current inpatients with onset of suspected or laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 fourteen or more days after admission for a condition other than COVID-19 in this state.”This data set for hospital onset covid, when filtered for Minnesota, and plotted.
  • Note that the number of Hospital Onset Covid patients is the total number of patients who have been hospitalized for 14 days, then test positive for Covid, and are still hospitalized on any given day. This is not the number of patients per day who test positive for Covid after having been hospitalized for 14 days.
  • Note also that Hospital Onset Covid patients are completely different from incidental Covid cases, where a  patient is admitted for a non-Covid condition and then immediately tests positive for Covid. It is believed that incidental Covid cases are a substantial fraction of daily Covid admissions, based on data published in other states.

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