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More Weather and Climate Follies

By April 19, 2022April 20th, 2022Commentary

More Minnesota rural weather station temperature trends examples coming soon.  In the meantime, if you are interested in some of the guts of weather and climate research, this is a seminal paper on weather station quality, which obviously impacts the quality of the data.  One of the authors of this peer-reviewed paper is Anthony Watts, who runs the most read climate website, until the climate Nazis finally take it down.  The paper is older and some of what Dave Dixon is doing is extending the analysis for some of the Minnesota stations to the present.  (Watts et al Paper)

One of the conclusions I came to early on in my climate reading was that CO2 didn’t play nearly as prominent a role in climate shifts as the anti-fossil fuel nuts want us to believe it does.  In fact, it may be a lagging indicator.  This paper discusses the role of increasing vegetation as the planet warms in the periods between ice ages.  Just a basic reminder, in the last few million years we have spent a lot more time iced up than in between glaciations.  Human civilization made all its major advances in the recent warm period, which ain’t going to last, no matter what the climate nuts think.  Anyway, this study indicates that vegation coverage and amount drives a warming climate, at a time when people weren’t driving cars and emitting CO2.  And guess what, it was warmer than it is today.  (Veggie Study)

And another ooops for global warming doomsters is this study showing, as have others, that in fact the earth’s ice coverage has been lower in the past, and not that far back.  The study comes from the Arctic and looked at records from a number of lake areas.  The authors find that earlier in the current inter-ice age period, temperatures were warmer than they are now.  Of course they have to bow to the current dogma and say that if projected temperature rises occur, we will see as much ice loss as in the earlier period.  Don’t worry, even if temperatures don’t actually rise, the current generation of scientists will just change the data to say they did.  (Ice Study)

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