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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 128

By April 19, 2022Commentary

On and on we go.  Masks off planes, if the airlines have the guts to keep them off.  Little by little, an acceptance of the futility of all these actions, except among a quite hard-core fearful few.

An interesting digression into variation in susceptibility to infection among the general population.  It has been obvious from the start that some people, even after clear exposure, don’t get infected or have asymptomatic infections which clear quickly.  Immune factors must be a significant part of this phenomenon.  The authors’ work suggests that a small part of the population has basically zero susceptibility, while the larger portion has a similar level of susceptibility, indicating a strong bimodal distribution, rather than one of a continuous spectrum  (Medrxiv Paper)

All the vaccine effectiveness studies are feeling a bit dated with the reality we deal with now, that they haven’t made a big dent in cases.  This study from Canada among health care workers found the usual high effectiveness against infection, over 90% in the initial weeks after a second dose, declining to 70% by 28 weeks.  A longer period between doses appeared to lead to greater effectiveness.  (JID Study)

And this research purports to be a review of all the vaccine effectiveness studies, as well as an examination of the principles behind the studies.  The findings are basically what you see in any individual study.  (JID Paper)

Children with either symptomatic or asymptomatic CV-19 infection develop strong antibody responses, generally stronger and longer-lasting than those in adults.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Earlier studies had indicated that CT cycle numbers were on average lower, and hence viral loads higher, early in a particular variant wave and declined as the wave progressed.  This study from Japan makes a similar finding.  Likely has to do with the most susceptible persons being infected first.  (Medrxiv Paper)

This is a meta-review of research on the use of anti-depressants in hospitalized CV-19 patients, finding that most studies showed some benefit in reducing poor outcomes.  (Medrxiv Paper)

We almost certainly had multiple cases of CV-19 infection in the US before it was officially recognized.  This study reports on likely cases in NYC.  (Medrxiv Paper)


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  • JT says:

    My wife was on a United flight from Chicago to Harrisburg last night when the mask mandate was lifted. From her perspective, United was very supportive of the decision. The crew and passengers were all for it as well. Gonna be very interesting to see the mask zealots’ efforts to fabricate an increase in ‘cases’ as a result of this ruling. Let’s try 50 cycles of the PCR for all pilots !

    I’ll probably never understand / accept the rational that somehow an mRNA injected person can be counted as a ‘win’ for the product when no one will ever know how their immune system would have responded without it. By now this virus has spread to almost the entire population of the US. Roughly half chose the mRNA injection and we still only have an infection rate of 25%. That tells me that natural immunity is much broader than we think. I hope the same CDC who drove this madness has the courage to follow the health trends of the injected and tell the rest of the story about this experiment.

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