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The Real System of Oppression

By April 16, 2022Commentary

The whacko ideologues who have taken over our universities and are doing the same with public schools are truly insane and truly ideological.  They are also incompetent; incapable of teaching our children how to read, write, do math or understand science.  It is a lot easier for them to teach nonsense about systemic racism and class oppression and gender confusion, because they simply don’t know anything else and can’t educate in regard to any complex, or simple, topic.  We are falling farther and farther behind the Chinese and other countries that actually focus on improving knowledge to make life better for people.  One of the big things the nuts want to teach our kids is about “systems of oppression”, with the subtext that white children are bad oppressers, Asians are close behind and everyone else is pretty much a victim of oppression.  Very enlightening message all around.

The real system of oppression, of course, is what these progressive morons are trying to do to our children and our society.  I keep wondering when parents, teenagers and young adults are going to wake up and realize that the current power, and therefore the current capability to oppress, resides with teachers and staff who are mindless progressive automatons.  How can any student attending just about any university not see where the power and the oppression is?  And that those in power are forcing rigid adherence to the indoctrination they are delivering.  Any deviation from those teachings simply is not tolerated.  Increasingly staff are higher and students are admitted solely on the basis of their susceptibility to being inculcated with and passing on progressive dogma.  Sounds pretty oppressive to me.

I can only hope and a part of me believes that at some point students will rise up and throw off these yokes of ignorance, ideology and yes, oppression.  Because believing this crap makes it impossible to have either a productive or happy life and is immensely damaging to social cohension and true progress.  So let’s all commit to speak truth to the current educational power and tell them to get the heck out of town, force a defunding of these oppressers and return our education system to one that actually helps children learn and become productive members of society.

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