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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 126

By April 11, 2022Commentary

Media trying to stoke a little panic about case surges in New York and DC.  Public could care less.  Attitude we should have had from the start.  Fauci says no more lockdowns, etc., because individuals can make their own decisions on risk assessment and protective measures.  Just want to note that has been true since the beginning. I wonder if people like him will ever be held to account for their terrible advice during the epidemic.

This won’t get wildly hyped by the media, because it doesn’t fit the official narrative, but here is a face mask study from Finland suggesting what we all recognize is the truth–face masks do little to nothing to slow transmission.  The study compared children in schools with different mask requirements and found no difference in case rates.  (Medrxiv Paper)

Because of our split government, states have wide latitude to implement varying policies on an issue and we saw that during the epidemic.  A new study published at the National Bureau of Economic Research finds that states which did not engage in extreme suppression measures did better overall on combined measures of mortality, educational attainment and economic well-being.  Florida is notable in being a large study which ranked well on this scale.  Large Democrat run states were disasters, with high mortality and terrible educational and economic performance.  (NBER Study)

Another study from Israel finds that a fourth dose of vax is of limited utility against Omicron and that persons who received a fourth dose and  became infected had similar viral loads to those who did not have a fourth dose.  There really appears to be no reason to keep boosting people ad infinitum.  (NEJM Article)

This study among adolescents finds limited vax effectiveness against being infected with Omicron even after a third dose, although protection appeared better against serious disease.  (Medrxiv Paper)

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  • JT says:

    “I wonder if people like him will ever be held to account for their terrible advice during the epidemic.” Screw his ‘advice’ accountability, how about accountability for offshoring our tax dollars to fund the so called ‘research’ that led to this situation. How is this monster still employed by the government? Let’s yank his pension and medical benefits and set an example of what happens to people who behave this way and abuse the office he’s been trusted to manage.

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