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Equity for Boys and Young Men

By April 8, 2022Commentary

With all the focus on diversity and equity, etc., which are just euphemisms for rewarding people regardless of ability or effort, what is happening to one demographic group is being ignored.  As this report demonstrates, the group most suffering from lack of equity right now is younger males, of any race.  And basically nothing is being done about it.  This group is having an educational, vocational and health crisis, but no one cares.  So much for supposed devotion to addressing problems that are real.  The consequences to society are real as well, with a loss of contribution from this group, increased participation in crime and violent activity, and increased social spending.  We need to see the kind of focused programs designed to help young women aimed at young men.  Some of the statistics in the report are truly frightening.  Look at the comparative rates of educational attainment, of economic attainment, of health issues.  (Equity Report)

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  • Chris W says:

    Very interesting stats. I haven’t seen anything like that before.

  • kelly says:

    Very eye-opening stats. Some attributable to biological and social factors that have persisted since prehistory (e.g. the numbers who die in war). Some I honestly have no idea what the cause is (e.g. infant death) but would be very interested in finding out. Some I wish could be remedied immediately (e.g. numbers taking AP courses, numbers graduating from college) but I’m not sure how.

    Here’s a question that interests me: Would a feminist look at those statistics and deny that some just reflect the facts of life and can’t be substantially changed? If not, why would she (or he) insist on interpreting female under-performance in a desirable area as evidence that we live under a medieval oppressive patriarchy?

  • John Oh says:

    Good study. Thanks. If we want men in our culture we have to let little boys be little boys. We don’t do that anymore.

  • JT says:

    We’re in a situation where the ‘participation trophy’ crowd is now deeply involved in public offices of all forms and at all levels. This lame mentality doesn’t work for raising kids, educating them or governing. ‘Leaders’ don’t fit the mushy, ambiguous, make everyone fit mentality and we desperately need more of them.

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