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Deaths in Minnesota by Age Group over Time

By April 4, 2022Commentary

DDL has continued to review Minnesota’s death certificates, working with Dave Dixon.  Dave has tried looking at CDC data but not found it very useful.  Here is a summary of their latest findings.  What is particularly noticeable is that extra drug and alcohol deaths in younger people far outweigh supposed CV-19 deaths during the epidemic. Lockdowns kill, much more than CV-19, for this group.  And the homicide increases are also attributable to CV-19 lockdowns in part.

Note that Minnesota, like other states, continues to call deaths CV-19 ones, even if it clearly had nothing to do with the death, like a homicide that happened to have a positive test within the prior 30 days.    2021 may have more deaths yet trickle in.  DDL’s notes on definitions:

1. From a death certificate perspective, Covid deaths are natural, but for this analysis, Natural does NOT include Covid. I separated this category so I did not double count. Additionally, there are deaths that have accidents and suicides listed as the manner of death – yet are labeled Covid. In other words Covid has several manners of death. Realistically if someone truly died of Covid, the manner of death should be natural. This is evidence of overstating the Covid count.
In regards to the drug and alcohol analysis, I disregard the manner of death. I counted drugs and alcohol in one bucket, Covid in another and everything else in Other. So Covid is excluded from Other.

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