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Bullshit Regarding “Inequities” in Health Care

By March 27, 2022Commentary

This trend has built for decades, as the moronic academics who run our universities brought a poisonous ideology into every professional school and infested them with what we now know as “wokism”, the most destructive force ever released on society.  Wokism’s central precept is that people get viewed and treated solely as part of various groups and not as individuals.  This ideological gibberish has been seized upon by our adversaries abroad–primarily Russia and China–who provide secretive funding to advance this agenda and who pay trolls to use social media and other means to highlight and advance division.  They do this to weaken us and they are succeeding.  The result of Wokism is heightened polarization across the country and literally insane public policies we see in “progressive”-run areas.

The relentless focus on supposed diversity, equity and inclusion has of course reached health care, where all you hear about is “systemic racism” in health care and need to create equity.  For those who understandably don’t get progressive gibberish, equity means that everyone should end up in the same place regardless of ability, or more important, effort.  So as applied to health care, somehow that means we should ensure that everyone has the same health, regardless of how irresponsible they are.  As usual in ProgressiveLand, what this really means is things get worse for everyone.  The biggest problem with DEI, aside from its creation and exacerbation of division and stirring of resentment and suspicion among groups, is that it ignores the role of personal responsibility and effort.

I can tell you exactly why African-Americans or any other group has worse health status than another one.  It is because they engage in more poor health behaviors.  If you drink more, smoke more, use more drugs, eat poorly and exercise less; guess what, your health will be worse.  And no amount of equity in the world is going to fix that.  And it isn’t lack of access to health care.  For poor people of any race, Medicaid coverage is far better than the typical employer-sponsored health plan, with no or few copays or other cost-sharing.  So there is no excuse for not getting needed health care.

Systemic racism in health care was a myth, but now progressives will make sure it exists.  What should truly frighten people is that instead of prioritizing diagnosis and treatment and preventive measures by need; now skin color, ethnicity, religion, sex, etc. will be the basis.  There will be active discrimination against those perceived to be better off.  And in terms of training medical personnel, as we see in other areas, there is already discrimination in favor of often far-less qualified and supposedly disadvantaged minorities.  And if they don’t do well during their education and training, it is ignored.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer to be treated by the best clinicians, without any consideration of skin color, gender or other irrelevant factor.

I believe strongly in equal opportunity and in helping those who historically have been disadvantaged in making the most of those opportunities.  But striving for equal outcomes is ludicrously impossible and only can lead to a worse world for eveyone.  It creates a literal race to the bottom.  China and Russia are happy to see us in this quagmire, as is any other country that relies on merit to have the best possible people in any role and to lift the overall knowledge and welfare of a society.

Most Americans are fed up with progressive wokesterism but are unsure how we fight back.  Voting these clowns out of office helps, but we must attack the problem at its source–the universities.  Parents can do their part by refusing to send children to the worst offenders–Ivy League schools and most private colleges–and by supporting universities which offer and nurture true diversity of thought and critical thinking.  Not making donations to whack-job institutions is also an obvious step.  And speak out when you encounter this bullshit in health care, business, education or any other form.  People in power need to hear from ordinary Americans that they have had enough.  When I was young in the late 60s we talked about speaking truth to power–and today the power is with whacko wokesterism, so let’s give them some truth.

But the real need is for Congress to both ban the most pernicious forms of this ideology and mandate that universities show real commitment to protecting free speech and promoting dialogue, on pain of losing all federal funding.  Segregation of, or discrimination against groups by race, gender or any criteria should be absolutely banned, as should organizations which serve only to exaggerate and encourage grievance by these characteristics.  Students, professors and staff who attempt to suppress viewpoints and mandate ideologies must be expelled or fired.  Money talks, and university staff and teachers are absurdly well paid for basically failing to teach anything useful.  Federal funding should be made severely restricted for “humanities”, “social studies” or any other of the now blatantly ideological areas.  No funding for race studies, gender studies or any other useless mumbo-jumbo.  We need to focus our resources on science, math and business training and on areas that are crucial to improving quality of life.  It is time to put the hammer down and use the power of the purse to force change so that we don’t have additional generations of  ideological idiots who literally cannot read, reason or make any meaningful contribution to raising living standards.

And a secret weapon in forcing change is the awakening plaintiff’s bar of our legal community and the insurance industry.  These lawyers are generally weasels, to put it bluntly, but they see an immense opportunity in the blatant discrimination being foisted on workers, students and others.  And a few hefty verdicts will mean that insurers will refuse to provide coverage for this liability.  No coverage equals big bucks out of corporate, university, government and other budgets.  The economic paid will help force change as well.

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  • rob says:

    Bravo. A fantastic rant.

  • James L. Edholm says:

    I absolutely agree. I don’t know if A) we’ll have a GOP/Conservative Congress and Senate or B) those weak-kneed GOP poseurs will have the temerity to act or C) whether the margin will be veto-proof, but that could go a long way to jump starting the revolution against this woke idiocy.

  • Harley says:

    Personal responsibility. A virtue previously taught at home and supported by the educational system.

    Well done rant!

  • JT says:

    All of these idiots who profess the new fiat-religion of ‘Equity” should go work in hospitals in Russia or Venezuela for a few months. The best situation under these communist systems can’t hold a candle to our worst cases.

  • Castle Bravo says:

    Agreed. I enjoyed reading this ‘rant’. I found this article because I Googled “The Color of Care bullshit” after seeing an advertisement for a TV show alleging that black people don’t get the same level of medical care that other races do. I’m sick and tired of this “everything is racist” nonsense. These progressive ‘woke’ people will find racism in literally everything.

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