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More Climate Change Nonsense

By March 23, 2022Commentary

If you don’t read the website WattsUpWithThat you should if you want to get a different and more realistic perspective on whether there actually is any climate change beyond normal historical variations.  Most people are unaware, for example,  that at various periods in the earth’s past, including not so distant past, the climate was far warmer than it is today.  At earlier points in the current inter-glaciation cycle, the earth was warmer.  We are on the downslide to the next glaciation, and I doubt anything humans are currently doing is going to stop that.  In fact, I would guess within a thousand years or so, humans are going to try to figure out how to warm the planet up and stop the glaciation, which would reduce earth’s human carrying capacity by billions of people.  In any event one of the bullshit claims of climate change scientists is that sea level is rising rapidly and will rise even faster because Greenland and Antarctica are melting.  None of that is true.  But anyone can publish garbage science if they say it is true.  Here is an example of such a study, which is completely demolished by a frequent contributor to the website.  (Willis Post)

I am sure humans have affected weather and maybe even climate by some of the things we do, such as very large scale replacement of forests with farm fields.  But I don’t think use of fossil fuels is a major contributor, and neither do China or Russia, although they sure want us to stop relying on those fuels so our energy costs and lack of reliability make us un-competitive.  As usual, individually and en masse, humans allow stupid irrationality and emotion to predominate over what are fairly obvious facts.

And the environmental whackos are lying constantly about the true costs and consequences of “renewables” like solar and wind.  Both have immense environmental costs, like killing tons of birds and creating lots of hazardous waste, but what is really ironic is that large scale renewable energy facilities have untoward effects on the weather, effects which environments suppress study of, because they don’t want their lies exposed.  And all the investors making a fortune from government propped-up renewable companies aren’t interested in having the bad news spread either.

If you think about wind or solar, you are basically taking energy out of the system that otherwise would remain in the system.  Removing that energy is bound to have consequences.  This study looked at the effect of wind farms in the sea off England’s east coast.  I encourage you to read it, fairly approachable.  You will see that these wind farms affect the weather, and if they are there long enough, climate around them, by changing currents and mixing of waters at various depths.  You can imagine that this has an impact on sea life as well.  But you won’t read about this in the mainstream media.  (Frontiers Study)

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  • JT says:

    Here’s another good site that mirrors your comments:

    Seems we are doomed to self destruction from very stupid people. One of the validations of this is that ‘climate’ is supposedly ‘global’. Therefore, if you had an ounce of intelligence, you’d produce power from fossil fuels with the cleanest, most highly regulated, systems …. the USA !!

    If the life cycle costs were used instead of a time slice of the ‘renewables’ process, without government subsidies, you’d see the extremely high costs/kwh. Hum … seems the climate team was hired to work on C19 data …

    • Kevin Roche says:

      that is a good one, as is the Judith Curry site and I think it is called forest for trees or something like that. Climate audit was phenomenal but Steve has stopped writing on climate. Dr. Roy Spencer’s site is good too.

  • JT says:

    You can’t make this stuff up any more, I’m afraid we’re way beyond hopeless. Can you imagine if ‘climate change’ was ‘child development’? Oh, but that would make most 6th graders’ smarter that the Washington parasites ! Cant have that !!

  • John Oh says:

    As soon as Al Gore told me the science was settled, I started to doubt because I know that the science is never settled. I’m now at the point where I start with the idea that the entire net zero policy goal is based on models. Models that diverge one from another and have not been converging over time. Weather/climate is the result of an almost infinite number of variables, and some of the variables are completely unpredictable (volcanos that erupt and emit so much ash into the atmosphere . . . ) and lately the model community have admitted they’re having trouble getting clouds into the equation. This all resembles the revolutions in science described by Thomas Kuhn when the data everyone believes to be true just doesn’t add up anymore. The data suggesting doubt about global warming is out there, and it will eventually accumulate to the point where real scientists can’t ignore it. Unfortunately most people will never learn about any of this. It’s just never going to be reported or discussed. And if you think the health care industry is bad, you should look at the government subsidies going to wind and solar and the profits made as a result. Follow the money. We are well and truly screwed.

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