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Some Climate Change Observations

By March 20, 2022Commentary

If you think the government’s version of CV-19 data and research was bad, you should look at climate change research.  Here are a couple of charts that ought to make you think about the prevailing narrative.  Now that it is clear to everyone that Russia has been financing environmental extremism in the US to damage our economy, maybe people will start to be a little more questioning about the crap we are being sold on climate change and renewable energy.

The first chart shows deaths due to cold and heat.  While there may be more heat deaths, there were a lot fewer cold deaths, which still dominate over heat-related ones.  As with agricultural productivity, if the earth were warming, a dubious proposition, the effect on human health is largely beneficial.

The second chart shows how much of Minnesota’s energy needs are met by renewables by month.  You can see just how well solar and wind work in the winter.  They don’t and they are expensive.  Supported by Russian-financed environmental whackos, Minnesota and the US are moving toward energy that is both unreliable and more expensive.  We are literally heading to the potential of significant blackouts.  Imagine that in winter.


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  • Joe Lampe says:

    For 14 years I have been studying climate and renewable energy, from science, engineering and economic perspectives. The sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow all the time, Technologically and economically and feasible electrical storage technologies do not exist. The full list of problems with renewable energy is very long.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    cost effectiveness of Renewables – I have always wondered how those individuals who lack the basic math, science, engineering skills to understand the shortcoming of renewables somehow possess the superior intellectual intellect to understand the complexities of climate science.

  • Joe kosanda says:

    Lampe – the facts in your comment are obviously correct and not controversial

    However the same people who lack the basic intelligence to grasp those simple facts somehow have the superior intellectual capacity to understand the complexities of climate science (Not)

    That was meant as sarc ie the climate scientist superior intellectual capacity

  • Bryon says:

    Here is a much simpler analysis:

    1. The predictions that alarmists have made have all been wrong so far. The Maldives are not underwater, the Arctic is not ice free in the summer, and the glaciers at Glacier National Park have not disappeared. These were all supposed to happen years ago, and there are many other examples like these. I’m unaware of a single one of their predictions coming true. It’s hard to be that wrong.

    2. The celebrity and political alarmists also wouldn’t jet around the world to conferences, they wouldn’t buy ocean front property, and they wouldn’t own multiple homes or mansions. They clearly do not believe their own rhetoric.

    3. Anyone that actually believed that Global Warming was an existential threat to humanity would immediately embrace nuclear energy, which is the only fast path to severely reducing CO2 output. Finding a place to store nuclear waste and paying the high up front cost for new plants are minuscule problems when compared to their narrative on Global Warming.

    You don’t need to read one page of an IPCC report or look at any graphs to realize it is all a hoax.

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