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Coronamonomania Lives Forever, Part 117

By March 20, 2022Commentary

No, I haven’t forgotten the epidemic, hard as I try, but there is other interesting research to look at too.  Epidemic posts will be mixed in with other ones.  Zero signs at this point of a case bump in Minnesota.

I have made the point before that respiratory virus vaccines don’t have a good record of effectiveness.  This study on the pneumonia vax looked at 65 and overs and rates of hospitalization.  Pneumonia is primarily caused by respiratory pathogens.  Now here is how bad this vaccine is:  these authors make a big deal out of the vaccine having a 10% effectiveness rate–10%!!  And then say so of course every old person should get pneumonia vax.  (JAMA Article)

The terror campaign during the epidemic caused a lot of health care issues, notably increases in drug and alcohol abuse.  This study finds a least 15,000 alcohol-related deaths above the expected number during the epidemic.  Congratulations to the public health “experts” who made this possible.  (JAMA Article)

As others have, this study suggests that the apparent decline in vaccine effectiveness in regard to the Delta variant, was due more to waning protection from the vaccine than from inherent characteristics of Delta.  (JAMA Article)

This study makes the point that many CV-19 trials are on shakey statistical ground, with dubiously valid findings.  In at least half of the randomized control trials included in the analysis, shifting only four events would change the results.  (JAMA Article)

When looking at adverse event rates for CV-19 vaccines, you do need to compare them to rates of similar events following a CV-19 infection.  This study compared cerebral venous thrombosis rates and found that there was over a 30 times greater likelihood of having such an event following CV-19 infection compared to vax.  (JAMA Article)


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