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One Last Reminder on the Talk and Celebration

By March 14, 2022Commentary

Hope all of you can come out tonight around 6:30, the Crystal VFW 5222 Bass Lake Rd.  I will deliver a few remarks and we will all just be happy to be socializing like normal humans and have some fun.

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  • JT says:

    Here are a few videos to play at the celebration , they should add some emotion to the gathering. How do these pathetic human beings still have jobs in the public sector? Very sorry I can’t make it !! Enjoy.

  • joe Kosanda says:

    A few days ago – Kevin asked whether the progressive health authorities will apologize for the damage they have done.

    It is far more likely those progressive Karens will demand a massive thank you because all the lives they saved with the mitigation protocols – not withstanding the virtually zero delta between high mitigation regions and low mitigation/low compliance with mitigation regions. It is my sense in discussions with several progressives that they honestly believe that the risk of serious illness and death especially to children was exceedingly high and remains exceedingly high and therefore justifies those extreme measures to control the virus.

    It also my sense based on discussions with several progressives, that their perception of the hospitalization rates , death rates and long covid rates for children are running 20x -30x the actual rates. Progressives have also indicated that the death cases and hospitalization cases are much higher among the unvaxed than actual.

    In summary, I doubt the progressives will apologize since they believe those mitigation policies saved countless lives

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