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A Further Digression into Foreign Affairs

By February 24, 2022Commentary

For all those who thought Putin wouldn’t just do whatever he feels like doing, attacking an independent country without provocation, or who even worse, thought he might have some justification for “protecting” Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine, this is exactly what that kind of delusional, denialist, apologist, appeasement mentality leads to.  And if he isn’t stood up to now, right now, he won’t stop.

The epidemic should have made it clear to people, you want to live in denial of basic and obvious facts and truths, you pay a big price.  There are psychopathic totalitarians in the world who unfortunately are well-equipped to gain control of the machinery of governments and militaries, and when they do, the outcome is never good, for their own people or those of other countries.  Your living in a state of delusion isn’t just harming you, it harms others.

Now we will see if there is anyone in the current decrepit administration that has the courage to rise to the occasion, stop the woke bullshit that is destroying our military and our economy, fight back against the insidious Russian attempts to undermine our society and politics and turn this country again into the defender of freedom it had always been.  It is truly fightening to have our country led, or should I say misled, by a senile, incompetent political hack at this perilous time.

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  • Wally says:

    The book “The Sprit of Laws” by Charles de Secondat baron de Montesquieu, is an old (pub 1748) but interesting book dealing with various types of governments and other issues concerning the law. There is some good discussion on why imperial style governments like Russia need/want to have buffer zones. Lots of outdated stuff in the book as well, but good discussions of republics and the difference with monarchies. The US used to have the attributes of a good republic but is slipping closer and closer to the monarch model. English translations can be found for free on the various e-book sites.

  • Dan Waller says:

    Do you think 80M people have Biden-Remorse yet?

  • Joe Lampe says:

    “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” George Santayana

    Putin will not stop until he is stopped by others. This has been obvious for decades,
    and recently he has reiterated his mythological view of Russian history and destiny.
    He is a political psychopath. Russia has to be crushed economically.

  • Mhopp says:

    Elections have consequences…..stolen elections have catastrophic consequences…….

  • LeeS says:

    Putin has wanted to do this since the 90’s when Ukraine became independent. Russia and China plan ahead in decades. It appears the US thinks more in terms of news cycles – much to our determint. And then there’s always the thought that maybe the left government wants to destroy the country so things are going pretty much as planned???

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