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Our Cultural Destruction

By February 13, 2022Commentary

A column in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal called “Inside the Woke Indoctrination Machine” sparked this somewhat ranting and disorganized column.  Hard to write straight when you are so angry about a topic.  I have been alarmed by deeply racist and divisive “woke” progressive wing of the Democrat party, which has completely captured higher education and most professions and seeks to force everyone in the country to subscribe to this sick version of looking at the world.  If you can find a WSJ you have to read this column to understand how entrenched this has become and how dangerous it is to our children and our survival as an enlightened society.  The column is here, but may be behind a paywall.  (WSJ Column)   I would also strongly encourage you to read John Hinderaker’s work at the Powerline Blog.  John repeatedly sheds a light on this insidiously destructive ideology.

Part of what the WSJ column reveals is how this whole DEI bullshit has become big business.  People who are incapable of contributing anything that actually builds better products or services can make a lot of money spreading this nonsense.  Governments, schools, businesses are all spending billions on consultants and materials designed to guilt and shame and reform all of us racist reprobates.  We now have the woke industrial complex.  It would be highly ironically funny if it weren’t so pernicious.  These morons are whining about a racist, unjust society while they make a fortune off of it.  They don’t want things to ever get better, they need their golden egg, and if they were defunded, they would be incapable of any other work.

The effect on the quality of education, government and business is obvious.  We have huge additional layers of bureaucracy and process and inefficiency.  We create divsion and sow distrust and disunity.  Students learn less, businesses produce less, government is even less effective.  The economic cost is massive; the psychic and social cost even greater.

Why is wokism so bad? Minorities are taught that they are crippled from birth and it is only the beneficence of their woke masters that will allow them to have any kind of decent life.  That in itself is a deeply racist view.  People’s lot in life is determined by their skin color or religion or gender or sexual orientation, with some being favored regardless of ability or behavior or work and some being disfavored no matter how bright, or productive or how much they contribute to society.  Children will be confused at an early age about their gender identity or sexual orientation; guilted about their skin color or religion.  It is so obviously sick and abusive I can’t even imagine how we got here.  Proponents acknowledge that there is no resolution; there is no perfect society at the end of the wokist indoctrination, it is nothing but struggle of races, genders, sexual orientations, religions forever.

And how can we tell that racist wokism is bullshit?  Because the proponents don’t teach it as one explanation or theory of society alongside other approaches, so that students, or adults, could compare them and decide what actually made sense.  No, the proponents always want this taught as the only explanation; it must supplant every other approach to history and culture.  And indoctrination must start early, in kindegarten or before, and parents should not be allowed to see what the children are being taught.  No opposition can be tolerated or even heard, because this “theory”, this sick ideology is so obviously deranged that anyone who thinks about it rationally will reject it.

What these lunatics are pushing on the US is the same as what the Nazis did in Germany, what Lenin and Stalin did in Russia, what Mao did in China and Xi still does today.  It is a denial of the fundamental right of the individual to take responsibility for their lives.  It is a denial of fundamental freedoms of thought, speech and association.  It is an attempt by the few to control every aspect of the lives of everyone.  And anyone who does not believe that Russian and China and other national adversaries are not providing covert support to this divisive and destructive ideology is delusional.

The Republican party, which I do not really like, is the institution which should be fighting the hardest against this and it has been very slow to respond and has not done so effectively.  Here is what must be done as the absolute highest priority when Republicans take charge of any government.   All government funding that in any manner supports the woke ideology must be cut, starting with education.  No federal funds should be made available to any college or school at any level that engages in this brainwashing.  No DEI positions, which are just stalking horses for racist wokism, should be in any manner funded by public dollars.  Universities in particular must be torn apart and if they won’t voluntarily stop their indoctrination, then they should be defunded.  They can’t survive without the government subsidies.  All public education dollars should be given directly to families to determine what school they get used at.

DEI needs to be rooted out of government as well.  All the bureaucratic processes and rules which support it must be repealed and forbidden.  We need to return to a philosophy of equal opportunity and helping those who are disadvantaged, without the malicious and racist woke ideology.  There must be a ferocious assault on this ideology which is undertaken with the same fervor with which its proponents have spread it.  Every institution has been corrupted and must be reformed.  Lots of people will have to be fired, there will be a lot of social disruption and it will be uncomfortable, but there is no alternative if we are to build a truly enlightened and productive society which constantly advances the welfare of the individual.

The alternative is a future in which today’s divisiveness grows exponentially and is never resolved, a future in which everyone’s life is a wreck and people live in constant fear of offending our ideological masters; our economy is a shambles and our standard of living constantly declining.

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  • Joseph Bohlke says:

    Well said…It should be all of our biggest charitable priority’s too! Also, don’t give to your alma mater unless this BS is all purged!

  • David Krieg says:

    There’s a concerted effort to destroy Western culture – ‘cultural marxism’ and there seems to be an endless supply of “useful idiots” who will propagate it. Any good that has been achieved by U.S. is discounted while the flaws are magnified. There are glimmers of hope. Young kids stand up in school board meetings and decry the cult of identity politics being spoon-fed to them. That same age group has done walk-outs at their schools for the current, endless, disproven mask mandates. Andrew Breitbart said, “Politics is downstream from culture.” There’s an outspoken group of young people showing their peers that we are being lead astray. The Canadian trucker’s Freedom Convoy has also awakened the world and given hope to Western nations that have been overtaken by tyrants.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    Good column. We live in interesting times.

  • Cliff Hadley says:

    Excellent column. We live in interesting times.

  • You’re right to be angry about this insanity. It’s a cult that aims to destroy the nation–in fact, all of Western civilization.
    It’s the default position at my university. Half of every meeting now is “DEI”–except for the meetings that are *entirely* dedicated to it. And DEI is little more than a stalking-horse for the whole panoply of hard-left politics. Neat trick: DEI is the religion of universities…and DEI is *always* interpreted in the leftiest possible way. Thus leftism is institutionalized. It’s evil. But it’s working.

  • MLR says:

    And we owe it all to the Marxist/Democrat/Hate America Party and their propagandists in the press!

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